Besant Hill School Summer Programs, Ojai, California


Summer on the Besant Hill campus is a wonderful opportunity to gain foundational skills for the academic year, accelerate English acquisition, prepare for the college/university process, improve test-taking skills or engage in hands-on farm work. Situated on 520 acres in the picturesque town of Ojai, we attract students locally and internationally to our campus to experience Southern California lifestyle as well as explore the famous coastline and surrounding areas including Los Angeles or Santa Barbara. Our hope is that students not only leave with academic skills and life changing experiences, but deep and lasting friendships.

Off Campus Activities

Students are busy throughout the day. Evenings, after dinner and before study hall allows time for students be explore a variety of athletic offers including, dodgeball, soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball or hiking. Wednesday afternoons, Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for off campus exploration and activities. This will include excursions such as beach day, Six Flags, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, UCLA, UCSB, shopping and movies. All trips are chaperoned by Besant Hill Faculty and may include dinner or meals off campus provided by the school.

Day Students

We encourage students from the surrounding area to take part in our summer program. Whenever day students are at Besant Hill School, they are subject to all school policies. Day students are expected to be at BHS on time for their first commitment. Day students are welcome on campus from breakfast until just after study hall every evening and 11PM on Friday or Saturday nights. If day students would like to spend the night, with advanced planning we can accommodate such requests as space is available.

Clothing/Dress Code

While the school respects and appreciates individual expression through fashion and does not prescribe a uniform style of dress, students are required to select appropriate clothing for both school days and school outings. BHS does not want to have a dress code that is monitored with consequences attached for non-compliance, but the school does want our students to dress in a manner that is not distracting in a classroom environment, during our meals, or during other school functions. Pajamas are not considered appropriate attire in any area outside of the dormitory. A faculty member reserves the right to ask any student to return to his/her room to change if the faculty member feels the dress is inappropriate or offensive.


Our vast land offers a centralized campus that allows for easy access to all buildings, including two dorms, dining commons, theater, darkroom, digital media lab, library, athletic fields and numerous office/classrooms space.

All students share a room and each room has a bed, desk, chair, closet and dresser shelving.

Summer Possibilities:

English Language & American Culture (July 2 – August 5, 2017)

Students will embark on an immersion journey in speaking English, getting to know the BHS campus, and exploring Ojai and California. The Institute will provide students the opportunity to get a head start on the school year. When they arrive in September, students will be familiar with the language, environment, and day-to-day activities that make up their lives here at BHS. New BHS students requiring ESL for the fall will automatically be enrolled in the Summer Institute.

The students will have a schedule that mirrors many aspects of the school day at BHS. From academic and art classes in the morning to study hall and dorm crew jobs in the evening, they will get used to the duties they will have during the year. In addition, the Institute provides opportunities to have fun and learn about American culture. Outside of classes, students and faculty play games and travel throughout California - from Ojai to Santa Barbara to San Francisco, and many places in between.

2017 Fees

US$ 8,000 5-week Boarding: English Language & American Culture

All rates include the following:

  • Tuition for all academic, art and sports classes including materials and excursions
  • Meals and accommodation
  • Medical services at our health center
  • All weekend activities

Additional Expenses:

Health Insurance (US$ 140), All students are required to provide proof of medical coverage during the summer program. International students are required to purchase our coverage. Domestic students can either purchase our coverage or provide proof of health insurance coverage.

Airport transportation (US$ 150) Families are welcome to arrange their own transportation arrangements, or we can also make arrangements (once flight details are received) and bill the family accordingly.

Bedding and linens (US$ 30) We encourage students to bring their own linens and towels, however, we do have linens for rent (supplies are limited).

Spending money All students can acquire an account (Sundry Account) on campus for use during the summer program. An account can be created when paying the tuition by sending additional funds. The amount depends on students spending habits, US$ 400 is recommended. Students can withdraw US$ 20 per week from the business office during designated hours. With parental permission students can withdraw additional money as needed.

For more information, please contact StudyUnitedStates EU <- click for e-mail