Riverside Military Academy, Gainesville, Georgia


Riverside Military Academy, established in 1907, is one of the nation's premier all-boys college preparatory schools. As we prepare young men in grades 7-12 for success in college and in life, our distinctive military structure enhances the educational experience here by teaching them skills that help them excel individually and as a group. Our comprehensive program of academics, athletics, and leadership development sets the stage for a lifetime of success.

Studies have shown that the boarding school experience can be a social and emotional bridge to developing a sense of independence in young people. Boarding school students tend to be more engaged, hard-working, independent, confident, and prepared to face new challenges. Riverside is designed to meet the unique educational and developmental needs of boys, and everything we do is geared to help them succeed.

Successful students at Riverside:

  • Work and study to meet the academic challenges given to them.
  • Become involved in positive activities, such as athletics, clubs or artistic opportunities that help them explore their talents and hone their skills.
  • Hold themselves and others to high standards of conduct while adhering to the RMA Honor Code.

The purpose of Riverside Military Academy is to develop virtuous and competent young men who are prepared for success in college and positions of responsibility thereafter. Our academic and military programs combine to produce young men of character, sound judgment, and commitment.

At the heart of Riverside Military Academy's commitment to each cadet's well-rounded personal growth is positive character development. Character development extends beyond building and exercising leadership skills. In educating and developing men of character, we teach time-honored values that promote social responsibility, good citizenship, and personal integrity in all aspects of life. Character development is comprehensive at Riverside; it occurs through both formal and informal instruction and is taught and modeled by all of our faculty, staff, and coaches.

Our character development program includes a series of distinguished speakers and discussion groups that center on the topics of integrity, leadership, ethical decision-making, and sound judgment. Through repeated exposure to these topics, the program's objective is to develop young men of character to meet the challenges of college and beyond.

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Riverside Military Academy's high school serves grades 9-12 with a rigorous curriculum that is carefully structured to prepare each cadet for college. It is a well-rounded, comprehensive education which includes all college preparatory requirements in the language arts, math, social studies, sciences, and foreign languages. Students are required to take courses in military science, the fine arts, and physical education. Cadets are also taught useful study, test-taking, and time management skills. With a 14:1 student-teacher ratio, each young man has the opportunity to receive extra assistance in the classroom as well as during study hall hours. Over 64% of our teaching faculty has master's level or higher degrees.

Riverside cadets learn leadership skills and accountability. They develop character and integrity by following the RMA Honor Code and participating in our Character Development program. Each year, our graduates earn millions of dollars in college scholarships and are admitted to some of the nation's finest universities. We invite you to explore our academic program to see where Riverside can take you!

24-Hour Learning - Thanks to the unique and encouraging campus environment boarding schools provide, students are tremendously active outside the classroom. Across the board, boarding school students participate in more extracurricular activities than other students, whether it's exercising and playing sports (12 hours vs. 9 hours), engaging in creative endeavors like music and painting (6 hours vs. 4 to 5 hours), or participating in student government and club activities (35% vs. 27%).

Learning to Lead - One distinctive characteristic of boarding schools is that character development counts as much as academics. The environment—in which teachers live among their students, and students live away from home—lends itself to the cultivation of self-discipline and independent thought. Leadership opportunities also emerge. More than three quarters of boarding school students say they have earned leadership opportunities, a far higher percentage than reported by public and private day school students. At the same time, students gain the distinct advantage of regular interaction with their teachers and advisors outside of the academic setting.

Tuition fee 2024 - 2025

US$ 64,116 International Cadets
The tuition fee includes boarding, first time uniform fee and additional ESL classes, student health coverage is not included but compulsory to have.

Additional Fees:

In addition to the uniform fee noted above, cadets may be charged for fees related to routine administration of medication or treatment provided by the Academy's infirmary staff. Fees may apply to off-campus transportation. Replacement or supplemental uniform items will be charged to a cadet's account as needed.

Off-campus entertainment excursions and discretionary extracurricular activities are not covered in the basic tuition fees. Activities typically range from US$ 10-US$ 50 per event, but may be more for special social events. Cadets' accounts are charged for these activities when they register for the event.

The Academy provides parents with the opportunity to establish an allowance account for their son, which is distributed to him weekly during paycall. Accounts may be established to allow your cadet to charge necessities and school supplies in the Cadet Store and to purchase refreshments in the Goomba Grill, which is located on the Riverside campus.