Ross School, East Hampton, New York State


Located in East Hampton and Bridgehampton, New York, Ross School was founded in 1991 by Courtney and Steven J. Ross. They recognized that preparing students to meet the challenges of the 21st century requires innovative models to transform education. Aided by the research of many educational pioneers and leading thinkers, they set out to expand upon some of the best practices in K–12 education, combining them with the notion that leadership in an increasingly connected and rapidly changing world demands cultivating a global perspective and embracing technology. The resulting model offers a complete and uniquely individual educational experience to students from pre-nursery through grade 12.

Ross School is a community of involved and passionate people. As an integral part of the larger Eastern End of Long Island, Ross School benefits from the participation of local community members in school activities, such as artist/student collaborations and studio visits, a film screening by a local director, or the opportunity to work with Hoops 4 Hope, a nonprofit founded by an East End resident that supports youth development in Southern Africa.

The Ross educational experience aims to impart to young people a 21st century skill set and the inspiration that will motivate them to keep their minds actively engaged in learning. Ross School offers a dynamic environment where students take an active role in their learning. The School stresses direct personal experiences, inquiry through primary sources, and hands-on interpretation and analysis of information. Within a curricular framework based in world cultural history, classroom activities are designed and presented to integrate the arts, writing, literature, health and well-being, and computer technology. Children learn that each domain (i.e., discipline) is a valid tool for exploring topics, addressing real-life situations, solving problems, making informed decisions, and expressing findings. The connections across disciplines are highlighted both as reinforcement of the ideas presented and as a reflection of the nature of the world.

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Study at Ross School

Ross School is committed to the continued development of the diverse student body that its mission invites. We seek to attract students from our global community who have a strong spirit, commitment to learning, good character and are interested in service to others. Students who study here have a positive energy and desire to take advantage of the opportunities available at Ross School.

International students may begin their study at Ross School as early as seventh grade. Students follow their grade level course of study, framed by specific time periods, that incorporates knowledge and understanding from the domains of Cultural History, Mathematics, Science, Language Arts, Performing Arts, Physical Education/Well-Being, and Media/Technology. In addition to this rich program of study, there are many electives in media, art, technology, philosophy, literature, Model UN, music, photography, and wellness to support the student’s personal interests and development.

Students who are learning English are integrated into the School’s unique Spiral Curriculum while improving their English proficiency through placement in skills-appropriate ESOL classes. The three levels in the ESOL program—Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced—are designed to meet the needs of a variety of students and allow greater flexibility in the program.

The boarding program is a wonderful opportunity for students to prepare for the increased independence and responsibility of college academics and to share their own unique background and experiences with others.

Full-time boarders enjoy the same experiences during the week, as well as partaking in a range of activities both on and off campus on the weekends. Weekend offerings may include recreational sports tournaments, local shopping, movies, amusement parks, or trips to New York City for a show, museums, or exploration. Boarding students reside in luxurious family-style houses with faculty house parents. They follow the same daily program of study as day students, with the added dimension of intercultural interactions and dialogues to enhance the Ross experience.

Tennis Academy: The Ross School Tennis Academy (RSTA) offers an unusual and dynamic program for national and international junior players that combines an engaging, global curriculum with the highest level of competitive tennis training available.

Field Academy: Ross School Field Academy gives students an opportunity to engage in authentic learning experiences alongside mentors and scholars. Classes and programs take place both on campus and in the field (locally and around the world), enabling students to take part in hands-on, in-depth investigations in a wide variety of subjects. These experiences can lead to intensive analysis, new interests and passions, possible college/career paths, or volunteer opportunities. Ross School Field Academy programs might inspire continued study of a subject, expansion into a Senior Project, or the impetus for fundraising or other service efforts.

Fees 2018 - 2019

US$ 79,030 Boarding Tuition Grades 7–PG (including housing and healt insurance)

Additional Fees as Required

US$   4,346 ESOL Fee (All Levels)