Washington Academy, East Machias, Maine


For more than 220 years, Washington Academy has been successfully helping young people take the first big step toward achieving their dreams. We recognize these dreams are as diverse as the students who attend here. Each year, over 400 students like you make a decision to attend WA, coming together to immerse yourselves in courses and make use of an environment that isn’t typically available at other secondary schools.

We're sure you will find a program or activity at Washington Academy that fits your unique personality, whether it's in the Center for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math or the Field School for Studies in Science, or the Center for Applied Technologies. With a student-to-teacher ratio of 11:1, it won't be long before your teachers know you on a personal level. The safety of our rural area, the involvement of our small Maine community, and the sense of pride and tradition will all come together to make you ready to succeed in your new environment.

East Machias embodies everything that’s great about small town America. It’s a rural environment where people know their neighbors and look out for each other. With one of the lowest crime rates in the nation, Maine is a safe haven for WA students.

WA’s location impacts the educational opportunities, as teachers have an entire outdoor classroom at their disposal. From the rocky coastline to the river that runs near the campus, there are so many places where learning can become hands-on, from analyzing seawater to calculating the rate of the river’s current.

But the best part of WA’s unique location might be the front-row seat students have to view each of the four seasons. In the summer, students swim in the same water they skate on in the winter. In the fall, students are surrounded with the reds, yellows, and oranges of the foliage. The location on the coast tempers the harsh Maine winters a bit, yet the area receives enough snow for students to snowshoe, sled, and take part in the popular ski club.

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Study at Washington Academy

Small classes + Accomplished faculty = Individualized attention. With over 100 different courses, accomplished faculty, and an energetic student body, WA has a thriving academic environment where growth and discovery are part of every day life.

Learning at WA is highly individualized. The Academy offers a variety of courses at different difficulty levels so that everyone can reach their potential¬–from Advanced Placement courses for fast learners to remedial courses for students who struggle a little more than their peers. And with an average class size of 16 students, every student receives individual attention, which studies show translates to faster learning.

Washington Academy is known for providing strong, broad-based education. WA offers courses in literature, science, and history as well as courses found only in college such as psychology, sociology, and economics.

Athletics. Raider Spirit
Athletes need to test their limits. But there's one thing WA players and fans have in unlimited quantities: School Spirit. Whether you are an athlete or a fan, nothing brings a school together like a sporting event. Washington Academy is no exception. With 10 varsity sports, including soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and swimming, games or meets go on almost daily at WA. 

With courses like Advanced Placement studio art, film and video production, digital photography, and creative writing, WA students can express their creativity through a multitude of media. The Washington Academy Players Troup is recognized regionally for their one-act play performances. WA’s student-run literary magazine, The Silver Quill, was recently recognized nationally for the quality of its writing. For those students who are musically inclined, WA offers band and chorus, plus courses in music theory and history as well as guitar and steel drum lessons. From drama and music to the written word and fine art, WA has something to encourage every talent.


US$ 38,000 Boarding Dorm or Host Home (Tuition/Room & Board)

US$   3,000 Activity Fee

US$   1,250 Emergency reserve Fund/Room Deposit

US$   2,500 University Prep Program

US$   4,500 Integrated Transitional Language 

US$   5,500 Individualized Immersion

Enrollment and Payment of Tuition
A student will be considered enrolled at Washington Academy upon the receipt of a signed contract and a ,000 non-refundable enrollment deposit. The contract includes the terms and conditions of enrollment and intended payment plan.