The Gilbert School, Winsted, Connecticut


The Gilbert School has a long and distinguished tradition of providing outstanding educational opportunities to the high school students of Winchester and Hartland. Now well into our second century that tradition of excellence continues unabated.

To those who know us, Gilbert is uniquely wonderful—steeped in tradition, yet providing cutting edge education for students who must confront the world of the 21st Century. As true today as when this school was founded in 1895 as the legacy of William L. Gilbert to the community he loved, the Gilbert School continues to thrive and grow. We continue to nurture and prepare our students for the future they face and we continue to serve as a beacon of excellence for our communities and beyond. The Gilbert School is priceless.

The small size of our school, (500 students in grades 7–12,) coupled with the time allocated for teachers to meet in teams or by department, are just two of many factors that enable our faculty and staff to know the students well. This allows for a great deal of personalization that goes into providing an appropriate and safe educational environment.

Proximity to New York City and Boston, the second largest airport in New England, institutions of higher learning, ski resorts, and lakes and rivers allow for skiing, hiking, swimming, fishing, rafting, and kayaking. Athletic, Arts and community-based learning programs allow students to grow beyond the classroom and discover and enhance their talents

The City of Winsted, located within the Town of Winchester, incorporated in 1771, has a population of 10,500 and provides a small-town rural setting with access to the cosmopolitan cities of America’s East Coast, making for an authentic American experience.

ESL Program
The ultimate goal for the student who is an English Language Learner (ELL) is autonomy in the target language (English). ESL support is meant to promote and enhance academic excellence for English Language Learners. In an increasingly culturally diverse world, The Gilbert School recognizes the need for all educational stakeholders to offer a variety of learning experiences and opportunity designed to ensure successful learning for all students.

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Study at The Gilbert School

The Gilbert School provides students with a curriculum that addresses ethical and moral issues, problem solving, project-based learning, authentic assessments, an assortment of teaching styles and methodologies, and provides opportunities for students to challenge themselves in preparation for post-secondary education or the work force

Extracurricular trips, athletics, and assemblies featuring guest speakers make for a well-rounded program that allows students to explore ideas, gain perspectives, advocate for themselves, and hone talents beyond the classroom

Arts and Music:
Instrumental Music, Jazz Band, Marching Band, Music Theory, Concert Choir, Performing Theater Arts and Technology, Television Technology and Studio Production, and Videography, Multimedia, Two- and Three-Dimensional Art.

We offer 18 different sports programs at the high school level and nine different sports opportunities at the middle school level. Varsity athletic offerings include: football, soccer, cross country, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, swimming and diving, baseball, softball, golf, track and field, cheerleading, and tennis.

US$ 50,000 full year tuition fee inluding boarding and living expenses

US$      200 application fee 

The homestay fee is used for food and family outings. International students will have an allowance and pay their own way during family vacations and any meals or snacks outside the home. The family is expected to include the student in local family outings and cover these costs. Lunch will be provided during the week by The Gilbert School; The W.L Trust will provide money for this lunch. The fee does not cover extracurricular activities and these costs are the student’s responsibility. The family is expected to have enough food on hand in the home for the student for breakfast and dinner and for lunch when school is not in session/weekends.