Los Angeles College of Music, Pasedena, California


Los Angeles College of Music was founded in 1996 and is a college of music offering a quality education in a personal and highly-specialized environment. At LACM, we keep our curriculum current so we can give you the most relevant skills you'll need in today's musical world. You'll receive intensive training in the essentials of contemporary music-making, learning first-hand from a dedicated faculty of world-renowned professionals who have proven themselves with the biggest names in jazz, rock, pop and more. We are a different kind of school that truly maximizes the improvement and learning that you receive.

We believe we are unique in the way we teach contemporary music. Our graduates and those who hire them consistently say that we accomplish what we set out to do for our students. If you are serious about your music career and want to learn in an exceptional educational environment, then spend a little more time looking around our website and, as we say, "Get To The Music."

LACM was founded in 1996 as a consortium of musicians and instructors who wanted to create a unique learning environment for talented students. Many faculty members had taught at other schools in Los Angeles and on the east coast, and wanted to combine what they felt were the best attributes of these schools into a one-of-a kind curriculum. Pasadena was chosen as an ideal location because of its safe streets and neighborhoods, still relatively close to the LA music scene with its nightclubs, concert venues, recording studios and entertainment companies.

As an international student, you bring unique and valuable experiences with you to LACM. Your diverse background adds to the varied mix of ideas circulating around you in and out of the classroom. During your experiences here at LACM, you will receive an intensive training in the essentials of contemporary music-making, learning first-hand from a dedicated faculty of world-renowned professionals who have proven themselves with the biggest names in jazz, rock, pop, and more. As an international student at LACM, you will also have the opportunity to build professional and personal relationships that last a lifetime. LACM’s international students make up nearly one-half of our student population, which creates a unique and diverse learning environment.

The LACM building was originally built in the 1940’s for a school of NASA scientists learning-as-they-went to build satellites. The press release announcing the first man on the moon came out of an office in this building. An average of 150 students attend LACM each year. With over 40 faculty members on-staff, the student/teacher ratio is better than 4 to 1. The building’s facilities include large, modern classrooms equipped with Mackie Sound Systems, Yamaha drumsets with Zildjian cymbals, and Tech 21 guitar and Gallien-Krueger bass amps.

Outside, the building has a sunny, tree-lined courtyard with tables, chairs, and enough outdoor space to hold impromptu jam sessions. The school is open 6AM - 1AM Monday-Friday and 8AM - 1AM on weekends (except during breaks and holidays). Starbucks coffee shop is just a half a block away and Saladang Restaurant, a favorite with students, is right across the street. Old Town Music is the closest of 3 excellent music stores and is within walking distance of the LACM campus. Just around the corner is the hip, vibrant neighborhood of Old Pasadena.

More information: info@studyunitedstates.eu

Study at the Los Angeles College of Music

Music Programs

We are all about giving you the most direct route to becoming the most skilled musician you can be. Not only will you receive a lot of personal attention and tons of performance opportunities, but you’ll also find a wealth of classes that will prepare you for today's demanding careers in music.

The Recording Lab is a 625 square-foot studio-quality “floating construction” room that includes three iso-booths and a neighboring drum room. The Computer Lab is outfitted with ten 20” iMacs® and a 52” LCD monitor for instructor demonstrations. Each computer has Digidesign ProTools LE® software and an MBox2® recording interface. Ten fully-equipped practice labs are for drummers. Five practice labs and several practice stations are for guitar and bass players, as well as vocalists. The performance hall has room for 25 players onstage and holds an audience of 160.

Bachelor of Music, A.A., and Diploma Programs

Drum Performance Major; Drum Instructors or Drum Course Sequencing & Credits

Guitar Performance Major; Guitar Instructors or Guitar Course Sequencing & Credits

Vocal Artist Development Major; Vocal Artist Development Instructors or Vocal Artist Development Course Sequencing & Credits

Bass Performance Major; Bass Instructors or Bass Course Sequencing & Credits

Music Producing & Recording Major; Music Producing & Recording Instructors or Music Producing & Recording Course Sequencing & Credits

Composing for Visual Media; Composing for Visual Media Instructors or Composing for Visual Media Course Sequencing & Credits


LACM does not have any on-campus housing (i.e. residence halls), so our housing department makes every effort to help students make their transition into the Pasadena as easy as possible. We can help you find off-campus housing and/or roommates. Housing Advisors can introduce you to a variety of resources in the LAMA Housing Network, housing and a roommate finder.

Average Cost for Diploma, Associate of Arts Degree, and Bachelor of Music Degree Students 2019-2020

Average Cost of Attendance Budget per Quarter US$ 8,150 

Total estimate of fees, curriculum and additional course materials will vary according to quarter and department

US$ 32,600 Bachelor’s Degree, All Majors (First Year) 4 quarters
US$ 24,450 Bachelor’s Degree, All Majors (Second and Third Year)
                  3 quarters
US$ 16,300 Bachelor’s Degree, All Majors (Fourth Year) 2 quarters
US$ 32,600 Associate’s Degree, All Majors (First Year) 4 quarters
US$ 16,300 Associate’s Degree, All Majors (Second Year) 2 quarters
US$ 32,600 Diploma; Performance, Production & Composition Majors
                  (First Year) 4 quarters

The cost includes Tuition, Books and Supplies, Room and Board, and Personal Expenses and should be taken as an average example.