Solebury School, New Hope, Pennsylvania


Welcome! The Road to Solebury School starts here. At Solebury, we know the educational route you choose can make all the difference. Here you can get excited by classes and get prepared for college, open your mind, and be open-minded. There’s plenty to learn about and just as much to think about. We invite you to learn more about Solebury, about how it makes a difference in the lives of our students, and about how Solebury students make a difference in their communities and the world. This is a small school with big results.

Are you a scientist who loves to spend time in the lab, working on experiments? How about building a model solar house in AP Environmental Science class? Does history pique your interest? Our AP American Studies course introduces you to the study of history and report writing on a college level. Are you mathematically inclined? We offer AP Calculus and several Honors math classes. Our Geometry classes are equipped with the latest software, Geometers Sketch Pad. Is reading one of your passions? Our literature courses will have you turning the pages of not only classics, but stand-out novels in a variety of genres.

Parlez-vous Francais? Hablas Español? Become a member of the French or Spanish National Honor Society. How about drawing or photography? Our art students have had work accepted to numerous art shows around Pennsylvania. Do you have a musical ear? Join the chorus, instrumental or jazz ensemble. Is the stage for you? Get cast in any of three theater productions each year. Perhaps you enjoy athletics and team sports. Picture yourself as part of a winning soccer, cross country, or basketball team. Prefer something less competitive? Try yoga, dance, or weight-training in our new athletic center.

For many international students, the opportunity to live and study at a boarding school is a dream come true. Being immersed in campus life, learning to live with a roommate and with dormmates from all around the world is exactly what some are looking for. However for others, the ideal experience is to study in the U.S. while living with a family - sharing fully in their lives, their homes, and their daily routine. Both are wonderful options, and at Solebury School we are pleased to offer both to our students. 

For the students who want the homestay experience, we have partnered with a company that will help them find the perfect family to live with. Ideally, and in most cases, this will be the family of a Solebury School student. This company will work with Solebury, with the host family, and with each student's family to make sure that their time here is wonderful in every way. The Homestay experience is an incredible opportunity for all involved as cultures are shared, the meaning of family is expanded, and a big world becomes a little bit smaller.

Study at Solebury School

Implicit in Solebury’s philosophy is our goal to engage and excite kids about learning. We want students turned on by ideas, committed to their passions, and encouraged by teachers. When this happens in the classroom, all sorts of opportunities open up for students, not the least of which is access to the most competitive colleges. Solebury’s curriculum is academically demanding, has incredible breadth, and addresses the different needs and abilities of our students in creative and innovative ways. Our approach to academics is rigorous, but it's also caring and supportive.

We have an unusual depth of opportunity for academically talented students here. Students can choose from the two dozen Honors and AP courses, develop Independent Studies, and ultimately even pursue a Senior Project. In addition, we also have about one hundred demanding and challenging trimester and full-year courses that are uncommon at the high school level (for descriptions of all our classes, please see the “Academic Bulletin” under the Academic section).

ESL Programme

Solebury School's English as a Second Language (ESL) Program is a vital part of the school community in which international students are prepared to successfully meet the academic and personal challenges of studying in a foreign country. Students are encouraged to always speak English and express their ideas and opinions openly in order to build strong communication skills with faculty and American students. Assimilation into Solebury’s community is made easier by joining clubs and sports teams, as well as participating in dormitory and weekend activities, and community service trips. 

Once a level of confidence has been reached, students may then apply for leadership positions in student government, academic areas, and dormitory life, which are essential for admission to a competitive college. To help an international student face these challenges, an advisor is chosen. This advisor, a faculty member of the student's choice, helps to guide them through their Solebury School career, keeping them focused and on target for graduation and fulfilling the role of parents who are half way around the world. It isn't long before students find themselves practicing their English more often and immersed in the American culture in a small, safe environment. It is this experience that spells success!

Tuition 2020 - 2021

US$ 63,695 High School Boarding (9-12)

US$ 13,810 English as a Second Language Fee

Payment Plans – Solebury School offers a Ten-Month Payment Plan which runs from June 1 through March 1 of each year.

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