Calverton School, Huntingtown, Maryland


HONOR, RESPECT, and TOLERANCE are more than just words at Calverton. They are a way of life instilled in our students during each step of their journey on the road of learning. Calverton seeks motivated students who will benefit from a challenging college preparatory program and the opportunity to develop their intellectual, artistic, creative, and athletic potential. All members of the community are expected to be active learners and contribute to the school community. Admission is based on academic ability, achievement, and character. 

At Calverton, we believe an effective learning environment includes an appreciation for diversity. We expect each member of our community to understand and value various perspectives, to identify and reject stereotypes and prejudices, to strive for justice and equity within the School and the community at large, and to value the differences among families and individuals and all they have to offer and contribute.

We are a college preparatory school located in Huntingtown, Maryland, approximately 45 minutes east of Washington, D.C. and 30 minutes south of Annapolis, MD. We enroll 350+  students in our Preschool through Grade 12, and all of our graduates are accepted into four-year colleges and universities. Our students come from five counties, including Calvert, Charles, St. Mary's, Anne Arundel, and Prince George's. We also have students from Pennsylvania, China, Canada, Korea and more! We offer bus transportation and extended day options as well.

We are accredited by the National Association of Independent Schools, the Association of Independent Maryland Schools, and the Maryland State Department of Education. The Calverton School is a community of learners, providing a supportive, yet rigorous, environment for students and teachers, and an environment that stresses cooperation, respect, and trust. Our school philosophy and mission guide us. Through a climate of respect, high expectations, and shared experiences, The Calverton School instills in students intellectual curiosity, personal responsibility, and a strong work ethic to prepare them for higher education and responsible citizenship.

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Study at Calverton School

Upper School students are expected to develop the self-discipline to determine their academic needs and ends and to assume the primary responsibility for their own education. The development of cognitive and research skills necessary to succeed as a student is an integral part of a Calverton Upper School education. As a college preparatory school, Calverton is committed to providing each student a firm background in the basic content areas. At the same time, the Upper School recognizes the importance of athletics and extracurricular programs in establishing a sense of responsibility and commitment to the community.

Each student's contribution to the Upper School is important and students have many opportunities to become involved and to develop their leadership potentials. At Calverton, athletics, the arts, publications and student government are open to any student with the interest and willingness to make the commitment. A valued goal of the Upper School is to have students learn that they can and should return to the community something for what they have received. A pattern of service to the School is developed early and maintained in the Upper School, while service to a wider community outside of Calverton is strongly encouraged of all Upper School students.

The Calverton School has both seven-day residential opportunities for students. Students collaborate with faculty in a rigorous academic environment that is consistent with the expectations of the most respected colleges and universities. Calverton teachers take a personal interest in each student and help them adjust to residential life on campus. Our teachers are focused on continuous growth and superior education. Each student is assigned an academic advisor, in addition to their college counselor, Dean of Students, and the Head of the Upper School, who identifies individual student strengths and opportunities for growth. 

Residences at The Calverton School are located on campus in our One World Residential Village, designed to provide a home away from home with its traditional architecture and design. There are four homes in which students reside: Chesapeake House, Potomac House, Patuxent House, and James House. Each home has a House Parent who lives with the students, helping them in their daily routines. Rooms are modern, comfortable and generally shared with one other student.

2017 - 2018 annual Tuition

US$ 50,840 international boarding