Spokane Community College, Spokane, Washington State


Spokane Community College was established in 1963 and currently serves 7,000 full-time equivalent students - which equates to approximately 13,000 headcount students - enrolled in career and technical as well as transfer programs. At SCC, we can prepare you for a high-demand job - or for the demands of transferring to a university. SCC offers one of the largest arrays of career and technical programs in the Pacific Northwest.

Career and technical education programs at Community Colleges of Spokane provide avenues for students to enter high-skill and potentially high-wage occupations or transfer to university programs. These programs are developed with business and industry input and continued oversight from professionals actively employed in the occupations. Students are able to earn certificates of completion as well as Associate in Applied Science degrees. Our Associate of Arts (AA) degree is designed to transfer to most Bachelor of Arts degrees at all public and many private Washington four-year institutions.

Spokane Community College is a place where students transform their lives and attain their dreams in an unsurpassed learning environment that is personalized, engaging, and affordable.

The Global Education Office at Community Colleges of Spokane:

  • provides services to international students coming to Community Colleges of Spokane (Spokane Community College or Spokane Falls Community College) to study in our Intensive English Language Program, our 2+2 American Honors Program, our 2+2 Academic Transfer Associate of Arts (AA) Program, or our Professional/Technical Programs
  • coordinates opportunities for international or US students who are interested in studying, volunteering, or interning abroad
  • coordinates with staff and faculty who want to enhance their curriculum and programs with a global focus

promotes international understanding via specialized global education programs on campus and abroad

Perhaps the first question you have once you've been accepted for admission to Community Colleges of Spokane is, "where do I live?" The right apartment, roommate, or host family can greatly enhance your experience in Spokane and can lead to friendships and connections that last a lifetime 

Students at Community Colleges of Spokane can choose to live with a host family or live in an apartment alone or with roommates. Some students like to live with a host family as it gives them an opportunity to learn English and US culture more quickly. Others choose to live in an apartment, either by themselves or with friends.

We will help you find the kind of housing you want before you arrive. We want to make sure you are happy with your choice before, during, and after your stay in Spokane. At orientation, we provide continuing information about the various housing options available.

Spokane is a great place to enjoy life and school while you are in the United States. Spokane is a great city and is surrounded by amazing natural beauty. The motto of Spokane is "Near Nature, Near Perfect" and with so many things to do, it's really a matter of where to begin!

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Study at the Community Colleges of Spokane

Community Colleges of Spokane—has the largest variety of programs in the State of Washington meeting the needs of international students with:

  • A top quality Intensive English Language Program
  • Two 2+2 transfer pathways with universities via our 2+2 programs
    o AA-DTA
    o American Honors
  • 1-2 year Professional/Technical Programs

With over 150 exciting programs of study in which to choose from, CCS is one of the largest community college districts in the State of Washington, providing students with affordable, accessible, and quality education. Whether you want to study in a professional/technical program that will help you get into a high-paying career right away, or a 2+2 transfer program that leads to a bachelor's degree, CCS has the right program for you.

See a list of programmes here.

Read more about the American Honors programme here.

Want to participate in a short-term program? We have certificate programs that range from 3 to 12 months.

Attendance Costs

Because individual tastes and habits vary greatly, it is impossible to predict exact expenses for attending SCC or SFCC; however, the cost for a nine-month academic year at the community college is approximately US$ 16,704. This includes tuition, fees, books, supplies, health insurance, housing, meals, local transportation and personal expenses (costs are subject to change).

For international students taking academic courses, the average education and housing costs for three quarters (2013-2014) is: 

US$ 8,679 Tuition and fees*

US$ 6,000 Housing and meals

US$ 2,025 Miscellaneous

For international students taking our intensive English language program (IELP) the average tuition costs for three quarters (2013-2014) is: Tuition and fees  S$ 9,450

For international students in the American Honors program, the average tuition costs for three quarters (2013-2014) is: Tuition and fees US$ 12,150

Housing, meals, and miscellaneous costs are the same for all students (both academic and IELP students)