Summer Institute for the Gifted


The mission of the Summer Institute for the Gifted is to provide the highest quality educational and social opportunities for academically gifted and talented students through programs designed to meet their abilities and needs. Through 29 Years of experience & resources in gifted education, SIG provides a unique environment for gifted and talented students to connect with peers in a community of like-minded learners from all over the world who share common interests, abilities & goals.

Students will benefit from unique programming, which combines academics with social, cultural and recreational opportunities for a truly engaging summer. Courses are led by qualified instructors who have expertise in their disciplines and represent an array of professional backgrounds.

SIG provides academically advanced students with an interesting and challenging educational experience. The program combines remarkable academic courses with cultural, social, and recreational opportunities. The academic program is central to the design and purpose of SIG. Our program provides students with academic challenges designed to fit their abilities and interests. It also provides them with the opportunity to engage with other students who have similar abilities and interests. Because of our small classes, low teacher-student ratio, and teaching assistants, we are able to individualize the program for each and every student.

Meeting other diverse students who are interested in learning provides a sense of belonging that many gifted students seek. The richness of a broad range of geographical, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, the stimulation created by talented and intellectually engaged students working and playing together, the depth and diversity of the SIG faculty and staff, and the beautiful and well-equipped college campus environments create a perfect atmosphere for learning, growing and accomplishing meaningful goals.

These 2 to 3-week summer sessions will allow children to mature and develop in every element of life, develop long-lasting and meaningful relationships, increase self-confidence and think in divergent ways, all within a safe and secure environment at a prestigious campus. No matter which program option you choose, you can rest assured that the overall atmosphere of SIG will uncover, nurture & grow the children’s gifts.

Available Programmes

At each programme choose from a wide variety of courses taught in Humanities, Math, Science, Technology, Multi-Disciplinary, Visual and Performing Arts, and Fitness and Recreation. Experience independence within a secure environment living in a college dorm for 3 weeks. Meet other gifted students from around the world who share common interests, abilities, and goals. Enjoy a variety of fun social activities in the evenings and excursions on the weekends.

Residential Programs 2024

SIG programs are three-week summer programs for gifted students ages 9-17* providing instruction in over 60 exciting and challenging multi-curricular, arts and recreational courses. On weekends, residential students participate in a variety of activities (off campus trips on Saturdays, Sunday Activity Day, local community events, and extended evening programs) that provide a change of pace and further enrichment for each student.

SIG at Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania: June30 - July 19, 2024
Open to students who will be in grades 1 - 8
US$ 7,299 for 2,5 weeks boarding 

SIG at University College Berkeley, Berkeley, California: June 16-28 and June 30-July 12, 2024
Open to students in grades 9 - 12
US$ 6,719 for 2 weeks boarding 

SIG at University College Los Angeles (UCLA), LA, California: July 7-19 and and July 21 - August 2 2024
Open to students in grades 9 - 12
US$ 7,049 for 2 weeks boarding 

SIG at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut: July 7 - July 26, 2024
Open to students in grades 9 - 12
US$ 8,699 for 3 weeks boarding 

More programmes available, please enquire.

Programme Fees (2024 prices)

US$      99 Non-refundable registration fee
US$    379 International Student Fee

Programme fees include the Academic Program, Course Materials, All Room and Board Charges, Recreational House Program and Evening Activities.

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