Foxcroft Academy, Dover-Foxcroft, Maine


Established in 1823, Foxcroft Academy is an independent day and boarding high school in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. FA’s student body comprises approximately 350 local day students and 100 boarding students hailing from 10 different nations. The Academy’s ever-expanding, standards-based curriculum includes 11 accredited Advanced Placement courses, 25 Visual and Performing Arts courses, 24 offerings in Technical Education, 5 World Language programs, and comprehensive Special Education services. Foxcroft Academy’s 21 varsity athletic teams have combined to win 20 state championships.

Foxcroft Academy’s campus is located on 125 acres comprising playing fields, two large student dormitories, a main academic complex, and a number of annexes. The campus borders the Piscataquis River one mile west of the center of Dover-Foxcroft on Route 15, formerly the stage route between Bangor and Greenville. An hour’s drive from Mt. Katahdin, Moosehead Lake, and Baxter State Park, Dover-Foxcroft is surrounded by lakes, mountains, rivers and woods. The Academy boasts a safe and friendly learning environment with plenty to do before, during and after school.

An experienced and supportive faculty challenge and motivate students both in and out of the classroom, as we believe learning goes beyond the classroom walls! Academic support includes a strong advisor system, peer tutoring, special study options, and one-on-one conferences with teachers.

Our mission at Foxcroft Academy is to develop responsible and informed citizens, critical thinkers, and collaborative leaders. We are a community promoting the development of integrity, character, and the skills necessary for lifelong learning. I welcome you to stop by our campus to see this work in action.

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Academics at Foxcroft Academy

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Our Academics illuminates the significant depth, breadth, and diversity of opportunity provided by our curriculum for our community of learners. A pioneer in the State of Maine in both the adoption of a standards-based curriculum and grading system as well as moving 1:1 with an iPad initiative, Foxcroft Academy strives to articulate clearly the rigorous learning standards that we expect all students to meet and to provide students with a rich set of tools to achieve success. The Academy’s required combination of course credits, learning standards, and community service is designed to instill in our students the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that will best ensure their development as valued and valuable global citizens in the 21st century.

Foxcroft Academy offers a challenging and diverse curriculum, including over 150 courses, many Honors sections, and 10 Advanced Placement courses offered in-house. Our partnerships with online schools further diversify our offerings across all subject areas and levels of study, ensuring student access to courses of interest that meet their needs (including the full array of College Board approved AP offerings). The Academy’s curriculum fosters the development of clear and effective communication, creative and practical problem solving, self-directed and life-long learning, responsible and involved citizenship, collaborative and quality work abilities, and integrative and informed thinking.

Foxcroft Academy’s standards-based curriculum is implemented through best practices in teaching and assessment, influenced by state, national, and global-level subject-area professional organizations. Foxcroft Academy graduates have a strong preparation for post-secondary success, based in four years of increasingly difficult work in the English Language Arts, a Social Studies program that requires significant depth and breadth of study, and Math and Science programs that ensure preparation for college success while offering significant opportunities for advanced study. Our world language program includes four languages: Chinese, French, Latin and Spanish. In addition to traditional offerings, students may take courses in the performing arts including music and theater, visual arts including ceramics and digital photography, technical education including woodworking and welding, and consumer and family science including child growth and development and specialty foods. Foxcroft Academy even offers a comprehensive ESL program for non-native English speakers.

TUITION FEE (2017 - 2018 prices) Room, board and tuition

US$ 45,000 per year boarding Student first year
US$ 42,500 per year Boarding Student returning years
US$ 23,500 second semester only Boarding Student

US$        75 application fee (first year only)
US$   3,000 Student Life fee
US$   1,800 medical insurance
US$   5,000 non-refundable deposit (towards the tuition fee)

Enrollment shall be accepted and a reservation entered upon receipt of the signed contract and upon payment of a non-refundable enrollment deposit in the amount of US$ 3,500. After Foxcroft Academy has accepted a student, the student’s parent(s) or guardian(s) must sign an enrollment contract. This is a formal contract and includes a payment plan and the specific terms and conditions of enrollment.