Saint Paul Lutheran High School, Concordia, Missouri


Saint Paul offers high-quality education that integrates Christian faith and learning. The character of the school is also influenced by a smaller student body --over 200 boys and girls -- and a curriculum tuned to prepare students for post-secondary study. Our students are college bound. More than 90 percent continue their education at four-year colleges and universities.

Our students are high achievers in and out of class. Small class sizes and well-designed courses help students get the most from their studies. Saint Paul students graduate with the educational and personal development that distinguishes them in competition for athletic, and leadership, and academic scholarships.

Our students appreciate other cultures. Our residential program for the 2014-2015 academic year provides a home-like environment for students from 9 states and 17 countries.

Students attending Saint Paul as residential students are required to live in the residence halls with other students and a dorm counselor. Students living in the residence halls enjoy being with their friends 24 hours a day. Along with student rooms, the residence halls have bathrooms, laundry conveniences, recreational areas and a common kitchen on the first floor. Each student’s room has an air conditioner and can be fitted with a small refrigerator. Each room in Moeller Hall (girls’ residential hall), Brust Hall and Heilman Hall (boys’ residential halls’) are equipped with Ethernet connections. Students can bring a laptop and a small stereo. No more than two students per room. Individual rooms are available for an additional fee.

Activities at Saint Paul's
Saint Paul students work hard, but they also have a lot of fun! So choose to be active. On campus students enjoy playing sports such as Soccer, Football, Cross Country, Golf, Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field, Softball and Baseball. When students are not playing sports or cheering on the Saints, you may find them on stage in the school theatre productions, performing in the choir or band, or creating beautiful pieces of art. Saint Paul is the perfect size to offer diverse activities that allows the students to get involved.

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Study at Saint Paul's

The Saint Paul college-preparatory curriculum offers more than 77 courses designed to prepare students for post-secondary education and beyond. Small classes ensure you the opportunity to work with instructors both in and out of the classroom. 

The Intensive English Program (IEP): Ideal for students wishing to attend Saint Paul Lutheran High School and who desires to improve their English skills for academic purposes. The program includes reading, writing, grammar, communication skills, testing skills, vocabulary, pronunciation and American culture. Students also participate in several activities; i.e. shopping trips, a camping and canoeing trip, sporting events, and picnics

High School Diploma Program: (Regular School Year: August-May) (Ages: 14-21 years old) (Grades: 9th-12th) 

The High School Diploma program provides a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum for international students, with ESL support as needed. The program is designed to provide a challenging Christian high school education that supports and prepares students for post high school education. 98% of Saint Paul graduates go directly into a university or college after graduation. 

One – Year Study Program: (Regular School Year: August-May) (Ages: 15-21 years old) (Grades: 9th – 12th) 

Students are accepted as regular international applicants, but with the knowledge they will be returning home at the end of the school year. Saint Paul will support the family and school in the student’s respective country in order to validate grades. In most cases, this means that each student and school will receive a final transcript with the director’s signature, grade level, academic school dates, subjects studied with current grades in each subject area, and an Apostille. (The Apostille certificate is used to legalize a document for use in another country and in most cases provided by the Office of the State Secretary of State or his/her counterpart.)

International Tuition fee for 2018 - 2019

US$ 28,800 including a US$ 1,000 insurance fee, tuition, room, board and most other fees.
US$      350 application fee.