John Bapst high School, Bangor, Maine


Located in the attractive, safe city of Bangor in the beautiful state of Maine, John Bapst is an independent boarding and day school serving girls and boys in grades 9 through 12. Our mission is excellence – and virtue. Our small size conveys friendliness and caring. But size can be deceptive, as our spirited athletic teams and outstanding music, art, and drama programs demonstrate each year.

John Bapst is home to students from more than thirty Maine towns, as well as China, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Egypt, Spain, Germany, Austria, Sweden, and Ecuador.

With a focus on strong academic preparation for college, John Bapst serves a wide range of students, preparing them not only as students but as citizens of an increasingly globalizing world. Every student who comes to John Bapst is ready to study, work hard, and participate in the life of the school. Courtesy, kindness, fairness, acceptance, and honesty govern personal conduct as we construct a community of good learners and good people. John Bapst embraces the concept of ethical literacy as the cornerstone of its approach to good decision making and good conduct. Students become fluent in the language of ethics as a means of building character and community.

Students who accept the boarding school challenge during the high school years make the transition to collegiate life with remarkable ease. Making new friends, managing your own time, keeping your room organized — in each of these areas associated with the college and university experience, you get a head start in John Bapst’s boarding program.

In addition to our main school building, the school campus includes three houses located in Bangor’s Broadway Historic District that have been updated to accommodate the boarding program. Each house has a distinctive character, reflecting the historical architecture of the Bangor area while affording the comfort of modern amenities. All are within a short walk to the main school building. The residence halls, along with the main building itself and the adjacent dining facility, form the heart of residential life for boarding students.

Study at John Bapst

Picture yourself in a community of thinkers, developing your knowledge and creativity, getting ready for the dynamic world that awaits you. An exclusively college-preparatory school, John Bapst is that community. You’ll be among the best and brightest, and since John Bapst is a small school, you’ll find a learning environment where faculty members know you and are dedicated to nurturing your talents.

At the core of the school’s college-preparatory mission is the Advanced Placement program. Offered in every department, AP classes match the rigor of university courses, prepare students for selective colleges universities, and allow students to measure their progress against their peers around the world.

The John Bapst program leaves plenty of room for individual choices. Depending on talents and interests, students take an extra math or science course, study computer programming or graphic design, or work with their counselor to design a multi-year program in visual arts.

On most days, three academic periods follow lunch. Classes end at 1:50, and day students who ride a bus to school depart. Many students stay at school to take advantage of Academic Assistance, English support classes, music and drama rehearsals, clubs, and other activities. Students are encouraged to participate in after-school activities and to play a sport. The school’s extensive athletic offerings occupy much of the afternoon as students and coaches spread out across Bangor-area fields, gymnasiums, and other sites for practices and games.

Boarding Student Tuition and Fees 2018 - 2019

US$ 44,500 7-Day Boarding or Homestay Program

The above fees include tuition, room and board, English language support (ESL), activity fee, book and testing fee, sports participation fee, health insurance, transportation to and from Bangor International Airport, and routine transportation for weekend activities. Students will be responsible for personal expenses, AP Exam fees, and school trips on weekends and during vacations.

Tuition is billed in the following manner: An enrollment deposit of US$ 2,500 is required to accompany the enrollment contract, once the student has been accepted. This deposit is nonrefundable, and is applied against the annual fee.

The annual fee may be paid in two installments. The first half, less the enrollment deposit, is due on July 1. The balance is due on December 15.