Summer Tech Camps in the USA


For ages 6-18, empowering the next generation of innovators. Summer technology camps for kids and teens. Whether you are an aspiring coder, app developer, web designer, or robotics engineer, you will build valuable STEM skills, explore a prestigious campus, use the latest industry-standard software and hardware, make new friends, and experience U.S. culture firsthand.

The top universities on the planet—Stanford, MIT, Caltech—have trusted and hosted our programs for over 15 years, inspiring students to dream BIG. Choose from campuses in major metropolitan areas including San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, New York, Miami, Hong Kong, Dubai, and many more. Students can attend a minimum of one week or stay for multiple weeks with optional weekend stays in between. In our residential programs, you will stay in the campus dorms and eat in the dining halls!

Today, every career—from art to engineering to social work—requires a strong foundation in tech. With a focus on skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration, our courses pave the way for bright futures in any field. All courses are taught in English.


Coding: Code a mobile game. Develop an app for charity. Program robots and electronics. Or, discover the secrets of cyber security. Code is the foundation of our world!

Game Design & Development: Take your love of video games to the next level as you mod with Minecraft, experiment with virtual reality, and develop your own arcade, platform, RPG, and mobile games.

Robotics Engineering: Team up with new friends to build robots with LEGO and VEX. You’ll bring your bot to life using code and compete in exciting challenges and obstacle courses.

3D Modeling & 3D Printing: Whether you want to animate a video game character or design and print your very own invention, unleash your imagination with the latest 3D technology tools.

Web Design & Photography: Master the fundamentals of exposure and composition, then capture the perfect shot. You’ll create a website for your art and kick-start your online portfolio.

Video Production: Bring your creative visions to life and discover what it takes to produce movies, YouTube videos, PSAs, tutorials, documentaries, and aerial drone footage!

In addition to tech instruction, we incorporate many activities including outdoor time, optional sports, board games, social time, gaming tournaments, university tours, and more. The iD Tech experience for international students is educational, exploratory, and fun! In recent years, our students came from 99 different countries.

Four Distinct Summer
Program Options

(Please note: Pricing varies by course and location. All prices are in US dollars). One week minimum programs with option to add multiple weeks.

The Four Options:

iD Tech Camps (Co-ed, Ages 7-17)

Our flagship tech experience with 30 courses for kids and teens. Structure: Day and overnight options in 130+ locations across the USA

Prices start at US$ 1,368 per week for overnight (residential)

Alexa Café (All-Girls, Ages 10-15)

A unique mix of tech, entrepreneurship, and social activism in an empowering setting. Structure: Day and overnight options in 12 locations across the USA

Prices start at US$ 1,518 per week for overnight (residential)

2 Weeks iD Coding & Engineering Academy (Co-ed, Ages 13-18)

An intensive coding startup experience for teens, providing valuable industry insights and portfolio building. Structure: Overnight only in 12 locations across the USA

Prices start at US$ 3,799 for 2 weeks overnight (residential)

2 Weeks iD Game Design & Development Academy (Co-ed, Ages 13-18)

An immersion in the video game professionproviding valuable industry insights and portfolio building. Structure: Overnight only in 9 locations across the USA

Prices start at US$ 3,799 for 2 weeks overnight (residential)

Overnight Camp Information: Check-In: Sunday 6pm; Pick-Up: Friday 3-4pm (times may vary). 

Your Tuition Includes:

  • Meals & Accommodations Included for overnight camps
  • 8:1 student-to-instructor ratio (guaranteed)
  • Free flex hours at check-in and pick-up
  • Diploma with transcript and instructor insights
  • Final project and software discounts
  • Custom iD Tech t-shirt, H2O bottle
  • Outdoor time, campus tours (most locations)
  • Gaming tournaments
  • Course materials
  • Access to online curriculum (iD Game Plan)

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