Linfield Christian School, Temecula, California


Linfield Christian School welcomes diploma-seeking F-1 international students to our school. Recent international students have attended Linfield from South Korea, Germany, China, and Vietnam. Linfield Christian School is a K-12, co educational, college-preparatory school that exists to challenge boys and girls and young men and women to:

  • Know Jesus Christ as Lord,
  • Love others as themselves,
  • Grow in knowledge and skill in order that they may serve the Lord and the world through their character and leadership.

Students receive Christian Worldview and character development opportunities from participation in bible courses, weekly chapels, and missions & community service outreaches.

Linfield offers a rigorous academic college-preparatory program rooted in and shaped by a Christian perspective. The curriculum at the high school adheres to the entrance requirements of the University of California. In addition to college preparation, studies in the Middle and High Schools encourage students in the areas of skill and character development, as well as moral judgment that will increase their potential for success in the business and professional world. Bible classes are an integral part of the academic program offered by Linfield; attendance at chapel services is required.

The curriculum at the Middle School includes: Bible, literature/language, mathematics, physical education, science, history and geography. Electives are offered in Associated Student Body, drama, yearbook, speech/photo journalism, beginning Spanish, Critical Thinking Lab, academic enrichment, American Sign Language, and mathematics tutorials.

The excellent academic program at the Elementary School provides a foundation for lifelong learning in a nurturing environment. A strong academic curriculum is offered in the core subjects: reading, mathematics, science, and history. Bible, Spanish, art appreciation, performing arts, technology and physical education serve to build a well-rounded program. Educational field trips and assemblies, reading incentive programs, band, honor choir, chess club, and sports camps offer enrichment opportunities.

Linfield Homestay Program

We are proud to introduce our new Host Family Program at Linfield Christian School. Our international students are now afforded the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of living with members of the Linfield community, including faculty, staff and current student families. Our focus will center on student safety, academic success, student/host family compatibility, English acquisition, American cultural exposure, as well as providing a Christ‐centered environment. All of our host families are carefully selected and screened through an extensive application process.

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Study at Linfield Christian School

Linfield Christian School offers a rigorous academic college-preparatory program rooted in and shaped by a Christian perspective. The curriculum at all three schools—Elementary, Middle, and High Schools—meets California Department of Education subject area content standards. As part of an annual schoolwide curriculum review process, ongoing academic advancements and program enhancements are in effect to ensure the curriculum meets the required national standards promoted by the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI), as well as the standards for college readiness and success recommended by the College Board and ACT.

Biblical Focus

Biblical integration is a primary focus of the college-preparatory curriculum, presenting students with a God-centered worldview based upon God’s Word, the Bible, as the standard for all truth. Central to the spiritual development of students through the Bible curriculum at Linfield Christian School is that students be afforded many opportunities to explore and discuss the nature of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, to find intelligent and meaningful answers for the Christian faith, and to practically apply Biblical truth to every aspect of their daily lives. In addition, students are guided in the areas of skill and character development, as well as moral judgment, to increase their potential for personal success in education and business arenas worldwide.

Linfield offers students:

  • A rigorous academic college-preparatory program, meeting the University of California entrance requirements
  • English language development emphasizing cognitive language proficiency in understanding literature, analytical writing, and critical thinking. (English Shelter 1 and 2, Academic Seminar and Language Lab)
  • Coursework in the areas of mathematics, social studies, sciences, foreign language and fine arts

The International Student Program at Linfield Christian High School provides students with quality instruction in English language acquisition imperative for success in Linfield’s rigorous college preparatory program. The program is designed to help students improve their English proficiency in academic knowledge and skills in specific subject content areas. In conjunction with daily instruction in English reading, writing, comprehension, and vocabulary skills; the program emphasizes higher level academic language proficiency in critical thinking and analytical reading and writing skills. Small class sizes and individual tutoring foster ready progress in students’ individual language abilities. Courses include: English I Shelter & English II Shelter (CREDIT: UC approved courses; each counts as 1 year of English credit), Academic Seminar, and Language Lab

International Tuition and Fee Schedule 2017

Grade Level Tuition Amount, including the registration fee

Prices not yet known for 2017 - 2018

All international students are required to have medical insurance arranged through Linfield. 

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