The Kings College, New York City, New York State


The King’s College seeks ambitious students who want to make a difference in the world. The college aims to contribute to American society by producing graduates who command the important intellectual traditions, who think lucidly about the social and political issues that confront them today, who write with force and flair, who speak with eloquence, and who are eager to exchange ideas in open debate with those who espouse different views. The King’s College educates students to lead with principle as they aspire to make America better. We prepare students for principled leadership.

Through its commitment to the truths of Christianity and a biblical worldview, The King’s College seeks to transform society by preparing students for careers in which they help to shape and eventually to lead strategic public and private institutions, and by supporting faculty members as they directly engage culture through writing and speaking publicly on critical issues.

Welcome to New York! Located near Wall Street in lower Manhattan, The King’s College is strategically positioned to take advantage of all that New York City has to offer. Home to over 8 million people, the city boasts some of our nation’s most influential institutions and significant landmarks. Our city is often referred to as the “capital of the world” and a “command center” of the global economy. A diverse collection of world-class museums, art galleries, music groups, and performing art venues converge to make NYC one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. It is no coincidence that The King’s College chose New York City as its campus. This city influences and shapes culture not just in the United States, but around the world.

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Academic Overview of The Kings College

Preparing students for leadership requires four years of carefully developed and rigorous education. The King's College has an approach to learning that immerses students in great ideas. By developing a highly sophisticated biblical worldview our students are able to communicate persuasively in the real world. Our academic program is straightforward – we prepare students for a lifetime in the areas of government, business, law, the media, civil society, education, the arts and the church.

The King’s College offers a different kind of liberal arts education. Most liberal arts colleges today present a smattering of courses from across the disciplinary map. The King’s College offers a more focused liberal arts degree, built upon carefully- developed courses that train students to be philosophically and theologically informed about the nation’s (and the world’s) key institutions. We take ideas seriously because we love the truth and because we recognize their role in forming and transforming nations and cultures.

A college with our vision and mission belongs in a city that is just as unique – and important in shaping our cultural, political, and economic lives. It belongs where it is: right here in the center of New York City.

Our programs include:

  • Business Administration
  • Liberal Arts
  • Media, Culture, and the Arts
  • Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE)

Tuition fee

US$ 32,300 Two semesters tuition (12 – 18 credits)
US$ 12,400 Two semesters housing

US$   2,300 for books and personal expenses 

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