Woodstock Academy, Woodstock, Connecticut


In 2009, Woodstock Academy opened its doors to welcome international students from around the world. Since then, our campus has had students from Spain, Jamaica, China, Korea, Germany, Italy and Rwanda enroll and become part of its Academy family. The goal of the admissions department is to enhance this program by seeking applications from a diverse group of students. The relationship becomes beneficial for the international student because he or she is able to experience America’s rich culture and also gain a top-notch college preparatory education. In turn, domestic students at the Academy are able to meet young people from around the world and share their culture and experiences.

Woodstock Academy offers international students an amazing experience and many educational opportunities. WA offers English Language Learners several classes and levels to help them improve their English while they are studying here in the US. Each student has a college counselor who helps them plan their schedule and ensures that they are taking all of the correct classes to be accepted to a University in the United States.

Most of our international students live with host families close to the school. These students experience American cultures and traditions and improve their English skills while at home.  Woodstock Academy also has two small "house-like" dorms close to the campus.

The Woodstock Academy campus has a mixture of historic and modern buildings, giving the classic academic atmosphere with the benefits of a 21st century education. Woodstock Academy has a fully functioning student cafeteria, library, gymnasium, auditorium and stage, computer labs, art studios, high ropes course, athletic complex and much more.

Set in rural New England in the quiet corner of Connecticut, Woodstock Academy is perched atop a hill with views overlooking the rolling hills of the town of Woodstock. Woodstock has many historic buildings and small town businesses with local charm. Grocery stores as well as cafes and coffee shops can be found in nearby Putnam. The many forests in the area lend themselves to pleasant  hikes and a trip to the beach is only an hour away. Day trips to the charming city of Boston, Massachusetts and the bustling city of New York, New York are definitely worthwhile.

Study at Woodstock Academy

One of the greatest strengths of Woodstock Academy is its broad, comprehensive programmatic offerings. Whether college-bound or school-to-career students, there are over 200 challenging and exciting learning opportunities for all learners.

There are four levels of instruction offered:

  • General College Preparatory
  • Standard College Preparatory
  • Advanced College Preparatory

Three types of accelerated courses

  • Honors
  • Advanced Placement (AP), and
  • Early College Experience (ECE)

Many Academy students supplement their coursework with offerings through our Virtual High School (VHS) program, Independent Study program, and/or a Senior Capstone Project. Learning, knowledge, and creative expression is greatly valued at Woodstock Academy. Our highly qualified, gifted, and dedicated faculty and staff are committed to preparing all learners to overcome challenges, to develop to their highest potential, and to be successful today and in the future. It is our hope that all graduates leave the Academy with a love of learning, and that all have found a passion that defines their purpose.

Woodstock Academy is a student centered school which emphasizes individual growth and development through student engagement in diverse instructional opportunities effectively managed by an empowered faculty, supported by a participating community and characterized by the highest global values of a rapidly changing world.

English At Woodstock Academy

At the heart of the Woodstock Academy English program is the belief that through the skilled use of language, an individual understands, interprets, enjoys, and in part creates the world. The sequence of English courses at Woodstock Academy augments students’ cultural and functional literacies and strengthens the language arts skills: reading, writing, speaking, critical viewing and critical thinking.

Unified Learning at Woodstock Academy

Woodstock Academy believes in promoting a culture of inclusion. Our Special Education Department and Unified Learning Programs serve all students, give them the opportunity to learn something new, and ensure everyone is included inside and outside of the classroom. In addition to our Unified Learning classes, Woodstock Academy offers three Unified Sports teams: soccer (fall), basketball (winter), and bowling (spring).

Unified Foods and Nutrition: The course focuses on kitchen safety, basic cooking methods, and preparing practical recipes. Unified P.E.: The course is designed for students to experience a variety of activities in physical education, especially those which require teamwork and cooperation. Unified Music: This an inclusive, experiential music course specific to special needs students enrolled at Woodstock Academy.

Tuition 2020

Boarding: US$ 52,500

Insurance (required) US$ 2,000
Student Accounts must be maintained at US$ 2,000

The boarding tuition includes: books, room, board, airport pick up (arrival), ECE fees, activity fees, weekend activities and ELL support.