Besant Hill School, Ojai, California


In addition to being an exceptional college-preparatory school, Besant Hill School is a wonderful place to live and learn. Student life at Besant Hill is full of opportunities to enjoy close friendships and discover leadership potential.

Through a co-curricular agenda that encourages participation in student government, athletics, visual and fine arts, music and drama, our students are taught self-reliance, social skills, and responsibility in a supportive and caring environment. The focus of the Besant Hill School residential boarding program is to encourage an atmosphere that supports the academic, creative and personal growth of each student.

All of our programs are designed to help students develop their skills in interpersonal communication and conflict management while always supporting their personal integrity. In essence, our students are preparing for their futures as citizens of the global community.

Walk into the BHS Commons at lunchtime on any given day and, as you're greeted by the aromas of grilled vegetables with rosemary and roasted garlic, home-baked bread that just came out of the oven, and the scent of the sweetest tomatoes wafting from the salad bar, you may question for a moment, whether you're still on the school campus or you've just stepped into a gourmet restaurant. You make your way through the buffet stations scanning the selection of dishes. Your mouth begins to water and you realize that, at least for the next few minutes, your biggest problem is going to be how to narrow down your choice of what you're going to eat.

Summer Institute Program (see more)

Summer on the Besant Hill campus is a wonderful opportunity to gain foundational skills for the academic year, accelerate English acquisition, prepare for the college/university process, improve test-taking skills or engage in hands-on farm work. Situated on 520 acres in the picturesque town of Ojai, we attract students locally and internationally to our campus to experience Southern California lifestyle as well as explore the famous coastline and surrounding areas including Los Angeles or Santa Barbara. Our hope is that students not only leave with academic skills and life changing experiences, but deep and lasting friendships.

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The Academic Program at Besant Hill School

The Academic Program at Besant Hill School emphasizes the school motto, Aun Aprendo, I am still learning. Instilling a lifelong love of learning is the goal of our vigorous college preparatory curriculum. Within a framework of Universal Design, teachers employ multiple best practices in the classroom including, Socratic Method, Mastery Teaching and Cooperative Learning. We value and encourage creativity and the creative mindset in all classes, teaching how to think, not what to think. Academic classes, art classes and physical education classes are all valued equally in the pursuit of educating the whole person.

In each class we demand that students take full responsibility for their education. We offer honors and AP classes in the junior and senior years. Instructors in our ISP Instructional Support Program) help students to better understand their learning styles and to utilize strategies and techniques in support of their academic success.

The foundation of our curriculum is based on the University of California A-G class requirements and our courses are approved through the University of California System. This, along with our WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accreditation ensures that our classes are of the highest academic level.

Outdoor Education

For over 30 years, Besant Hill School of Happy Valley has inspired, challenged, and taught students through its Outdoor Education Program. This program is an integral part of the philosophy, mission, and the culture of the school. The mission of the BHS OEP is to provide students with the opportunity to develop the intellectual, social, and personal skills, through challenge and adventure in a safe and supportive environment. It is from these experiences that students will become positive contributing members of their communities through a connection between the self and the world at large.

The Outdoor Education Program offers one trip for the entire BHS community in the Fall. This trip is a graduation requirement and will appear on students' transcripts as "Participation" or "Non-participation." This year, the Outdoor Education Program is excited to offer new opportunities for students as part of our Fall Trips Program.

TUITION FEE 2017 - 2018
US$ 61,200 Residential Tuition (including boarding)