Lee Academy, Lee, Maine


Established in 1845, Lee Academy is a fully accredited, co-educational secondary school, serving grades 9 - 13. We prepare students for life and for continuing their education. We are situated in New England, the northeast corner of the United States near Canada, the North Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains. Our campus is located in rural Maine, a cherished destination for those who seek wilderness rivers, placid lakes, lush forests and the abundance of outdoor activities that accompany them.

The rural culture of the school and its long history of caring relationships creates a close knit community of warm friendly people. Although LA is located in a rural setting, students frequently have opportunity to travel to urban areas, allowing them diverse experiences. Lee Academy has enriched the lives of its students for nearly 165 years and proudly continues this tradition today.

Providing world class curriculum which is project-based and student centered delivered by dedicated and highly skilled teachers, Lee Academy supports a unique and dynamic learning environment which allows students to grow as part of a challenging and encouraging community of learners.

Lee Academy welcomes students from other countries for study in academic and Intensive English programs. Lee Academy is committed to fostering international awareness and understanding and to encourage the sharing of ideas and cultures.

Lee Academy considers access to the fine arts as an important focal point to a student’s overall education. As a testament to that philosophy, we’ve provided unheralded access to many co-curricular activities. Lee Academy boasts such groups such as the highly ranked Math Team that has been a top contender from the Eastern Maine Math League at both the regional and state level for more than thirty years. We also have students who lead our local chapter of the National Honor Society and Student Council, who help facilitate school and community events throughout the entire school year. 

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Study at Lee Academy

A Secondary Education Planned Around Your Unique Interests and Goals

Here at Lee Academy, our courses and daily schedule provide an education that is interesting, challenging, and uniquely “you.” Our success in educating students for higher education and the real world has been continuous since 1845. We have educated boarding students since the early 1900's, and international students since the 1950's, so we understand diversity and the importance of meeting the various needs of individual learners. Class schedules are individualized and we actively encourage students to take the most challenging courses that they can successfully complete. Our course offerings are varied and rigorous, and each course has a student-centered, project-based focus, including our 15 Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Our Curriculum is:

  • Challenging—courses are both rigorous and interesting, and in all disciplines learning is connected to the skills and knowledge most needed for success in college and life.  Our students are successful learners who achieve at many of America's finest colleges and universities (see list of enrolled schools, on our “Admissions” page).
  • Focused—our courses focus on essential skills and knowledge, as described by state and national standards and the common sense needs of life in the 21st century.  We help students build a great foundation, and we supplement and differentiate our offerings to fit your intellectual and learning needs.
  • Inspiring—by blending essential skills and knowledge with project-based learning, enthusiastic teachers, and a student-centered philosophy, we inspire and motivate you to use your curiosity and your unique personal gifts to learn fully and deeply.

A Special Note Concerning ESL (English as a Second Language)

'The Lee Academy ESL Curriculum teaches speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills—with emphasis on speaking and listening—all taught to achieve these two overarching goals:

  • Academic success in English-speaking classrooms.
  • Effective conversational and social functioning in English-speaking environments.

Our belief is that task-based learning, an outgrowth of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) is the most natural and efficient model for language acquisition.  We believe in student trial-and-error, discovery of meaning, and “hands-on”, practical language use opportunities.

Tuition, Room and Board, Miscellaneous Fees

US$ 35,000 per year for a 7-day boarder

US$   2,800 Activity fee

US$      500 Housing fee

US$  2,800 International student medical insurance and housing insurance

US$   3,000 Enrollment deposit (Non-refundable unless the student is unable to obtain a visa)