McCallie School, Chattanooga, Tennessee


Welcome to the Ridge! McCallie has more than a century of experience "Inspiring Boys and Building Men" in the Southeast and far beyond. Our unique combination of an all-boys student body, boarding and day schools, and a nationally-renowned college preparatory environment offers a truly unique educational experience for more than 10,000 boys for more than 100 years.

"What truly distinguishes McCallie will not be found in the descriptions of its curriculum or its extracurricular program. McCallie's spirit is found in the character of its community, in the interactions between students and teachers, in the values which daily define how we live, in our emphasis on ethical leadership, and in the way that we appreciate and celebrate boys."

Since its founding, McCallie has remained committed to providing an outstanding college preparatory program for boys. Our own experience, as well as independent research, has shown that secondary education within a single-sex environment offers fewer distractions, allows for a greater number of leadership opportunities and promotes a school culture where boys can achieve without reservation. McCallie is a member of the Boys Schools Coalition, which consists of more than 100 boys' schools throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia. 

Springboard to Success
McCallie graduates are rewarded for their hard work and are accepted at colleges and universities around the nation (on average, almost half of our graduates accept college scholarships). They arrive at college confident in their ability to live and work independently, and confident that they are academically prepared.

McCallie's campus consists of 110 acres (0.4 km2) on the western slope of Missionary Ridge, the site of a major battle during the American Civil War. It is located 3 miles (4.8 km) east of downtown Chattanooga, and a major expansion program over the past few years has extended the campus southward and increased the number of athletic fields. The campus stretches from McCallie Avenue on the north to Main Street on the South and from the crest of Missionary Ridge on the East to Dodds Avenue on the West.

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Study At McCallie School
Students are required to take five to six classes per semester. At least four of these courses must be from the Core Program, which includes: English, Math, History, Foreign Language, and Science. The remaining course load may be filled with courses such as Public Speaking, Health, Bible, Fine Arts, or other elective courses.

Some features of McCallie’s curriculum include: upper level Math courses (Precalculus and high school calculus), Computer Science courses (Visual Basic, Introduction to Java Programming, and AP Computer Science A), foreign languages (German, Latin, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese), and senior core electives (Introduction to Economics and Marketing & Advertising).

The school employs 108 full-time faculty members, 12 part-time faculty members, four full-time academic counselors, and numerous adjunct faculty members and tutors. Nearly half of the faculty and staff members live on campus, either in residence halls or nearby houses.

Athletic Program
McCallie School appreciates the importance of fostering the physical development of its students. Toward that end, the School offers a wide array of athletic activities.While our athletic programs strive to provide students with realistic opportunities to compete successfully, McCallie believes that winning games and championships is the fortunate outgrowth of achieving higher priorities.

Life on the Ridge
Lessons are not limited to classroom time, nor are they merely extended onto athletic fields. Learning encompasses all aspects of a day, a week, a year -- it merely requires an open mind and an engaged spirit. McCallie is a community of young men learning they can make a difference, making important choices and experiencing life. We have varied and expansive afternoon and weekend activities programs, a coordinate program with Girls Preparatory School, a library, learning center, writing center, and summer opportunities.

Outdoor Program
The mission of McCallie's Outdoor Education Program is to offer adventure -based outdoor opportunities that emphasize fun and safety. These activities help students and faculty develop camaraderie, self sufficiency and resiliency, a stewardship ethic, leadership, confidence and respect for the natural world and our place in it. 

McCallie's outdoor program offers opportunities for students to learn about different outdoor activities. The program focuses on creating a fun learning environment that encourages skill development, student leadership, communication, personal responsibility and positive interactions between students and adults. There are three facets to the program: weekend trips, afternoon activities and extended expeditions.


US$ 51,450 Boarding International

The tuition includes noon meals as well as fees for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science, Art, Pottery, and Photography.

Allow US$ 300 – US$ 800 for Books

Full payment by August 1. In addition a minimum of US$ 1,500 is required per semester (by August 1 and January 1) to be applied towards a student allowance account, tutoring, books, and any other incidental charges.