Pittsburg State University Honors College, Pittsburg, Kansas


Providing high achieving students with resources they need to excel.

The mission of the Honors College is to provide a more meaningful educational experience for select high-achieving students. The Honors College curriculum at the freshman-sophomore level offers intellectually stimulating general education courses. The junior-senior level Honors College students become integrated into the Academic Honors program.  Students of all levels are encouraged to participate in undergraduate research, research presentation, and study abroad experiences to expand and enhance their educational experience.

Goals of the Honors College

  • First and foremost, the Honors College at Pittsburg State University has the goal of not only attracting high-quality applicants, but also of retaining them as high-achieving students until graduation.
  • A second goal is to provide educationally enriched experiences (reflected both in and out of the classroom) for the members of PSU's Honors College.
  • A third goal is to provide a socially responsive, supportive environment to the students in the Honors College whereby members feel personally connected to others throughout the college.
  • A final goal is to promote a sound start for incoming freshmen through an overnight orientation experience, enrollment in an Introduction to Honors course their first semester, and completion of a cohort community service requirement.

Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor program is a vibrant and vital part of the success of the incoming cohort each year. Incoming students are paired with an upperclassman who has been selected to be a Peer Mentor and we use a 1-1 pairing, although group activities are strongly encouraged within the peer groups. The Peer Mentor Program is intended to help the new incoming freshmen acclimate to the college’s academic and social life. Freshmen sometimes struggle through their first weeks or months at college as they adjust to the very different academic and social world of college. Students may feel lost on campus, the diversity of student social life may pull them in many directions, faculty may seem intimidating, and course demands may feel overwhelming. Students often feel that no one – not their advisors, their faculty, or even their parents – can offer them insights into the current realities of college life as well as other students can. Peer mentors are trusted and effective because they have been there, done that.

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Financial Opportunities of the Pittsburg State University Honors College

Of the thirty students selected as members of the new incoming freshman class, the top twelve will receive the Presidential Scholar Award, the next twelve will receive the University Scholar Award, and the final six will receive the Crimson and Gold Scholar Award.

Presidential Award

US$ 9,500 per year for four years plus a one-time Study Abroad Stipend up to US$ 2,000. Total four-year package: US$ 40,000

Presidential Scholars cannot receive any admission based awards (AAA, Valedictorian, Diversity) on top of their Honors College award, however, they can receive college or departmental awards up to the cost of attendance.

University Award

US$ 4,500 per year for four years plus a one-time Study Abroad Stipend up to US$ 2,000. Total four-year package: US$ 20,000

University Scholars can receive admission based scholarships up to the cost of tuition and fees, as well as college or departmental awards up to the cost of attendance.

The Academic Achievement Award will be the first admission based scholarship applied.

Crimson and Gold Award

US$ 1,000 per year for four years plus a one-time Study Abroad Stipend up to US$ 2,000. Total four-year package: US$ 6,000

Condition of Acceptance

Once students are selected for the Honors College, there are certain requirements they must meet for continued eligibility and to graduate as a member in good standing.

Requirements for Freshman Experience: All freshman members of the Honors College must enroll in and complete the Honors 200: Intro to Honors. Schedules must be adjusted so that the student can enroll in this specific course. If the student does not complete the course with a passing grade, they are automatically removed from the Honors College and will lose all Honors College scholarship funding, with no probation period.

Living-Learning Community

All first-year students at Pittsburg State University must live in a residence hall for their first two academic semesters on campus unless they live within a fifty mile radius of campus. For Honors College students living on campus, there is the opportunity to live with other members of the Honors College within a, Living-Learning Community formed in the dorms. By placing Honors College students in rooms right next to each other, they may find it easier to make friends with their fellow members, and even take advantage of their placement to form study groups.