The Storm King School, Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York


How big can you dream? We love dreamers at The Storm King School. Kids from all over the world come here to learn how to realize their dreams. And when they arrive on campus they discover they are not alone. Here at SKS they find a community of teachers and students that is dedicated to helping students to achieve their highest aspirations. They find a place where they can be themselves, where everyone accepts them for who they are. This is a community that is interested in personal achievement, not how students are measured against some arbitrary standard.

So, what have you always wanted to achieve… to become… to be? What are your dreams? Have you ever been told that your dreams might be out of reach?

Every one of us is a unique individual who possesses strengths and weaknesses. And each of us has a personal potential that is far greater than most of us realize. Our job here at SKS is to help you fulfill that potential, by working closely with you to develop the skills, values and habits of mind that are the keys to your success. But our first task is to help you assess yourself — to help you take an inventory of your own strengths, weaknesses, hopes and dreams. We'll work with you to refine your dreams, to put them in the context of personal goals. And we'll help you develop a strategy to achieve them. So whether your interests are in the sciences or the arts, in literature or mathematics, in history or languages, at SKS you'll be surrounded by like-minded students from around the world.

Storm King is truly a global community. Students come to this beautiful campus from many different countries, to learn about themselves and each other. We're a residential school, so the learning goes on 24/7… in the classroom, on the playing fields and in the dorms. And you'll be a teacher as well as a learner, because your dreams are so big and because you have so much to share.

This is one of the ways SKS is really different from other schools you may be considering. Teaching and learning… they go hand in hand. Our expectation is that you will do a lot of both. This isn't a place to sit back and watch. It's a place to contribute actively, to take some risks, to stretch yourself. How else can you achieve your goals?

So if you are a student with dreams, big or small, I invite you to come and visit us at The Storm King School and discover for yourself this very special place "on the mountain." Tour the campus; visit classes; talk to students and teachers. Most importantly, imagine yourself as a part of this community, preparing for college and for life in an environment that values each student and the gifts with which you are blessed.

Our facilities 
The Gym, a Main Athletic Field, a Secondary Athletic Field, a Softball Field, Tennis Courts. We are proud of our vibrant Athletic program. Because our school is located in the "green belt" just north of New York City, we are surrounded by forests. There's no shortage of fresh air!

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Academics at The Storm School

The Storm King School is an academic institution dedicated to empowering students to make the most of their intellectual abilities. We are flexible in arranging programs of study and in maximizing our resources. At the same time, we expect attendance in all classes, completion of daily assignments, and full student cooperation. Our academic courses include a range of college preparatory classes in all disciplines including Honors and AP classes in ten areas: English Literature, Calculus, Statistics, Biology, Physics, Economics, Computer Science, Art History, and Art Portfolio.

The following academic guidelines, based on many years of experience, are intended to clarify the academic standards that students must meet while enrolled at The Storm King School.

Program of Study: Each new student designs an individualized academic program with the Academic Dean by mail over the summer or at registration. Returning students confer with the Academic Dean and their advisors in the spring.

As a college preparatory school, Storm King offers a range of courses and programs to support each student’s preparation for college and to make sure time at Storm King is enriching and supportive of each student’s interests and needs while they are under our care. All classes are college preparatory in nature. We offer a range of Honors and AP classes in all areas. Creativity is both valued and developed at Storm King, and we offer a range of courses in visual, performing, creative and theatrical arts. We also offer programs to support specific student learning needs through our English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, and our Mountain Center and Learning Center.

Athletics: The Storm King School's lively athletic program is a tremendous source of pride for our small school: fencing, soccer, cross-country, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, lacrosse, tennis, golf, softball, and Ultimate Frisbee. Or do skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering program.

Arts: The renowned Arts program at The Storm King School boasts an accomplished faculty, state-of-the-art technology, and a variety of exciting courses to inspire interest and stimulate creativity. From stagecraft to music production, graphic arts to modern dance, with everything from choral singing to playwriting in between, we offer dynamic instruction in theater arts, visual arts, music arts and music technology.

TUITION FEE 2024 - 2025
US$ 76,100 Full year Boarding international students

TUITION FEE winter term 2024
US$ 55,580 Boarding international students

The annual boarding tuition covers instruction, room, board, all meals in the dining room, health and wellness center privileges, use of laundry facilities, physical training and athletic privileges, use of laboratory and computer equipment and admission to all school concerts, assemblies, plays and athletic contests. The annual day student tuition covers all of the above with the exclusion of room and laundry.

The annual tuition does not include optional off-campus activities and various weekend activities. Books, athletic equipment and special services such as private instruction in music or practicum transportation are billed separately.