North Cedar Academy, Ladysmith, Wisconsin


North Cedar Academy (NCA) is a dual enrollment private high school situated on forty acres along the Flambeau River in Ladysmith, Wisconsin. As a National private school, NCA offers motivated and committed National and International students in grades 9 through 12 the opportunity to graduate from high school with an Associate in Arts (AA) degree from the University of Wisconsin Colleges (UWC) and high school diploma simultaneously.

High standards will be communicated during the Application process, as NCA will engage students in rigorous, in-depth academic work requiring intellectual inquiry, creativity, and critical thinking. While NCA is best suited for students who seek the challenge of rigorous curricula and college-level study, the NCA model is equally focused on developing outstanding young men and women committed to personal excellence, community involvement and global awareness. NCA grads are tomorrow’s leaders.

As a private high school, NCA strives to reflect National and International diversity. NCA students will be living and learning with equally committed students from around the world, developing lifelong friendships, and working as a team to solve problems. NCA is about reaching your potential, and helping others reach theirs.

The Student Services staff works hard to ensure that students are experiencing all that North Cedar, Ladysmith and the greater community of Wisconsin has to offer. This includes participation in sports and extra-curricular activities in cooperation with Ladysmith High School, off-campus outings, as well as events on campus and in the dorms. In combination with academic life these activities help North Cedar to achieve its goal of providing students with an education that highlights personal achievement, global citizenship, and service to others.

Involvement in sports and extra curricular activities at Ladysmith High school allows student to take advantage of the well-rounded American educational experience. Faculty and staff encourage students to seek out leadership opportunities to help them develop as individuals. Supervised by the Resident Assistants in the dorms, students will also enjoy many opportunities to get off of campus, expand their boundaries and try new things. Activities are designed to help students to get to know the local culture and scenic Midwest lakes and forests, and explore post-secondary options, and of course- have fun!

Central to life at North Cedar is the diversity that is born from our unique ability to bring together students from a wide array of cultural backgrounds. Shared experiences through our many organized activities enables students to build life-long friendships with students from all over the world.  This cross-cultural interaction teaches students the importance of breaking down cultural barriers and enables them to increase their global competency.

The Dormitory at North Cedar Academy is conveniently located adjacent to academic buildings within the campus’s 40 scenic acres. For students the dorms are more than just a place to study and sleep, it’s their home away from home. They provide students with a place to hang out, play foosball or video games, work on homework, watch television, sit around the bonfire, or just have fun.

The dormitory is a uniquely designed five story building overlooking the beautiful Flambeau River. Each floor is divided into girls and boys wings, with a common area in between for relaxing or studying. The dorm is fully supervised with a resident director’s apartment and office on the main level, and live-in resident assistants on both wings of each floor. Rooms are designed for 1-2 students, with shared bath facilities on every wing. Included in the dorm is a laundry facility, study room, kitchenette and mailbox for each student. All meals are served in the dining hall at NCA – just a short walk up the hill from the dorm.

Study at North Cedar Academy

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National collegiate high schools are tremendously successful in accelerating degree attainment. The NCA model allows a student to obtain a Bachelor degree within two years of high school graduation, and a Master degree within four years. All NCA graduates who have successfully completed the AA degree are guaranteed admission into any UW system school. Degree credits are also transferable to other colleges and universities.

The design of NCA reflects best practices found in increasingly robust research literature on school reform, including the successful Early College High School Initiative sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Even though a student can enroll in NCA for just a single year to take advantage of the innovative learning environment and curriculum, the full NCA schedule is achieved in two stages:

Prep Academy – Grade 9 and 10

Beginning in the 9th grade, and accelerating in the 10th grade, students will be intensively fortified for success in dual enrollment courses. Students will be given a Post-secondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) to adequately assess the student’s academic skills in mathematics, reading and writing through the delivery of three tests, one for each of these areas. The results of these tests are used to determine placement into appropriate college level courses.

Collegiate Academy – Grades 11 and 12

Due to its size and location, NCA can focus on rigor, relationships and relevance drawn from college resources. Critical thinking is be embedded in the curriculum, enabling students to assess their own thinking in a cognitive way. NCA students will be enrolled in a broad range of dual-credit college classes to satisfy high school diploma and AA requirements.

Additional instructional time will be offered to students in the areas of employability skills, career and college readiness, and post-secondary options based on each student’s ILP. Students will develop requisite skills for post-secondary success while they develop career portfolios using career planning and preparation software. A college advisor with experience in college preparation and evaluation advisement will work closely with students to help prepare the students for a successful post-secondary transition.

UW System Transferability

AA degrees earned at NCA will transfer to all University of Wisconsin system colleges and to most other colleges and universities in the U.S. UW Colleges has developed an Undergraduate Transfer Policy that strives to assure that students transferring between UW System institutions are treated fairly when changing colleges. Among its provisions are policies stating that a General Education requirement at one University of Wisconsin institution be honored at the transfer institution and that the Associate of Arts and Sciences degree (AAS) granted by the UW Colleges meets the institution-wide General Education requirements of a University of Wisconsin Bachelor’s degree (requirements found in all undergraduate degrees offered by the institution).

The tuition rates for the 2018-2019 school year are:

US$ 45,000 one year, Grades 9-10
US$ 24,750 one year, Grades 9-10

US$ 49,800 one year, Grades 11-12
US$ 27,390 one semester, Grades 11-12

This cost includes boarding, and covers all books, materials, lab fees, participation fees, class dues, and equipment rentals. Boarding covers all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) seven days a week and meal expenses for the many scheduled activities and field trips.

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