Mid-Pacific Institute, Honolulu, Hawaii


When the original founders of Kawaiahao Seminary and Mills Institute opened their doors in the mid-19th century, they couldn’t have imagined how radically different their schools would look when they joined forces to become Mid-Pacific Institute in 1908. Today, Mid-Pacific Institute represents our founders’ principles and so much more. We play a leadership role in Hawaii because of our advanced curricular offerings in the arts, humanities, and technology. As a result of our academic programs and our continual focus on the individual experience of each student, Mid-Pacific alumni enter college as academics and artists, philosophers and practitioners.

Strong Academics. Broad Opportunities

Mid-Pacific was created through the 1908 merger of two extraordinary and historic Hawai‘i schools—Kawaiaha‘o Seminary for Girls (1864) and Mills Institute for boys (1892)—forming one of Hawai‘i’s most dynamic and forward-thinking schools, dedicated to preparing students from around the world for success in life and responsible global citizenship. Today Mid-Pacific is a selective educational institution, offering a complete continuum of learning, from preschool through grade 12.With small classes and a world-class faculty and staff, we nurture, guide and challenge each student’s full development— intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual. Mid-Pacific takes pride in offering every student the opportunity to thrive and succeed. 

High school students enrolled in our academically rigorous college prep program may take Advanced Placement and honors courses. For our most ambitious scholars, Mid-Pacific is the only school in Hawai‘i to award the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma. While all of our students study the arts, those with special interests in music, dance, theatre, visual arts and media may receive intensive, conservatory-caliber instruction at the Mid-Pacific Institute School of the Arts. Sports? Our teams are diverse and competitive, and we make sure every student gets the chance to play, compete and excel. Students find the resources and the support they need to grow beyond academics—whether they join some of our many clubs and organizations, participate in community service projects, study hula, or work on our daily televised newscast.

Many people consider our 34 acres in Manoa Valley the most beautiful campus on O‘ahu. It’s also one of the most advanced and best-equipped campuses anywhere. Computers and SMART Boards in many classrooms and a new, state-of-the-art technology complex accelerate learning and prepare students for our tech-driven world. We’ve designed our brand new preschool and elementary site to offer young children stimulating, age-appropriate learning resources. You’ll also find theatres, dance and visual arts studios, a cafeteria, sports playing fields, and modern fitness and training facilities throughout our campus. Visit Mid-Pacific and we think you’ll agree: it’s different here. Students read—for fun. Teachers remember parents’ names and greet them in the hallways. High-schoolers smile. That’s because Mid-Pacific is more than a campus. It’s a community of lifelong learners, filled with the spirit of ‘ohana.

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Study at the Mid-Pacific Institute

High School: a Different Approach

At Mid-Pacific Institute, when we look at a student, we see more than a test score, a GPA or one particular talent. We see a child, with original ideas and perspectives, with dreams, emotions, tastes and insights in unique combination; we see a student who deserves a holistic education that celebrates the many characteristics that define who they are and how they learn.

High school at Mid-Pacific is a time of exploration, advanced learning and preparation for the challenges of the real world. We offer students as many opportunities as possible for exploration and self-discovery, critical analysis and integrative thinking, advanced skill building and understanding what it means to be a global citizen. Knowing the possibilities and realities the future can hold helps students dream big—and plan realistic steps toward achieving those dreams.

Mid-Pacific provides opportunities for college-level scholarship and advanced study that are distinctive in Hawai‘i. Approximately 50 percent of our students participate in honors courses or the highly respected Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum. In addition, we are the only school in the state certified to confer the International Baccalaureate Diploma, the world’s gold standard for excellence in high school scholarship. For students with a passion for the arts, the Mid-Pacific Institute School of the Arts offers conservatory-caliber instruction in a number of disciplines, from dance and drama to music and the visual arts (see page 11 for details).

Homestay Program

The Mid-Pacific Institute Homestay Program connects host families with students from neighbor islands, the mainland, and other countries. Students who are in the seventh grade or higher are eligible to apply for the Homestay Program. Host parents will provide guardianship, room, meals, and transportation to and from school, as well as include homestay students in family activities. The Homestay Program will host informal activities with the goal of encouraging students and staff to cultivate lifelong friendships and will arrange for social events where students can share their culture with others.

Tuition fee

US$ 23,050 International students Preschool & Kindergarten - Grade 12 Tuition

US$   2,067 ESL per course

US$   1,500 per month homestay fee (including food)