Chaminade College Preparatory School, St Louis, Missouri


Chaminade College Preparatory School, an independent, Catholic Day and Resident school for boys, sponsored by the Marianist Province of the United States, is dedicated to cultivating the inherent gifts, skills and talents of young men in Grades 6 through 12 so that they are prepared for success in college and life.The school bears the name of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, a priest who lived during the era of the French Revolution and who founded the religious order known as the Society of Mary (Marianists).

Chaminade's academic structure develops students into individuals who think for themselves by providing an integrated middle school and high school program. This curriculum challenges students to take the knowledge given to them each day and recognize the moral and ethical implications of modern life. Throughout their Chaminade education, students receive the tools to become critical thinkers making informed choices.

A wide range of athletic, cultural, social and religious activities is an integral part of the total education program. These activities can be key in allowing the individual student to cultivate his inherent skills, as well as to exercise initiative and responsibility.

Discipline is often a necessary part of human growth and, when required, is administered in such a way as to enhance the personal growth of the students. Chaminade provides a disciplinary system which balances justice with mercy and develops personal responsibility.

Through its resident program, Chaminade offers to students from around the world the benefit of a quality education while, at the same time, enriching the whole school community with the geographic and cultural diversity that these students bring. Through this diversity of the student body, as well as that of the faculty and staff, the young men are able to experience and value the great variety of gifts and talents among all of God's people.

Chaminade strives to provide a holistic, high-caliber education grounded in faith, which prepares its students for success in college and in life.

Canning Hall is our home for our boarding students who hail from the United States and many different countries. Prospective boarding students, both U.S. and international, may apply for August, 2014 entry.

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Study at Chaminade College Preparatory School

A Chaminade education brings the student into contact with the variety of communities of which he is a part: local, national, and global. He learns that he has a responsible role in each of them and that he must work for their betterment according to the Gospel values of justice, sacredness of human life, human dignity, and compassion. A variety of experiential opportunities are offered to help each young man discover the unique contribution he can make to the human endeavor.

Special emphasis is given to educate students to read and think critically in order to write and communicate effectively and help them prepare for their future by developing the necessary research skills, formal and creative writing skills and analytical skills. For those students needing extra help, teachers often provide one-on-one tutoring opportunities before and after school and facilitate peer tutoring by advanced-level students.

Chaminade strives to be innovative in our educational efforts and sensitive to the needs of all of our students. This can be seen in the development of our laptop program which allows us to use the latest educational technology to enhance the classroom learning experience. Teachers use various methodologies and pedagogies to present the curriculum including power point presentations, videos, group discussion, guest speakers, field trips, lab-oriented experiments and interdisciplinary methods to meet different learning styles in the classroom.

Curriculum Overview
College and universities base their acceptance of students on how well the student performs in high school and his program of studies. Historically, over 99% of Chaminade graduates go to college/university. Therefore, the Chaminade curriculum is designed to prepare our students not only for a positive and successful college experience but for the total formation of our young men as well. Chaminade’s sixth, seventh and eighth grade curriculum consists and reflects all nine academic disciplines. The coherent program of studies allows the middle school student a smooth transition into Chaminade’s secondary program.

Honors, Advanced College Credit and Advanced Placement Courses
Honors courses are for students who have demonstrated a high degree of skill, competency, and achievement in a given subject area. These courses are taught more intensely with emphasis on quantity and depth of material learned. Advanced College Credit Courses and Advanced Placement Courses provide opportunity and academic excellence to the Chaminade sophomore/junior/senior with college credit.

English enrichment for new international students
Chaminade offers numerous English as a Second Language (ESL) courses for all new international students. The purpose of the courses is to help our new students with their verbal, reading, listening and speaking skills.

Tuition and Fees (2017 - 2018 prices)
US$ 41,486 international tuition, room and 7-day board
US$   2,600 Esto Vir International Program