Marianapolis Preparatory School, Thompson, Connecticut


Since 1926, Marianapolis Preparatory School has welcomed to its campus students from all over the world. Diversity is an integral part of our community; from the global cuisine served in our lunchroom to the annual international travel opportunities offered, every student learns about world cultures through clubs, organizations, and programming. Our students receive a quality college preparatory education with the hallmarks of rigorous academics, including small classes and dedicated faculty. Course offerings at Marianapolis range from introductory classes to honors and advanced placement (AP) classes. Our college counseling office works diligently to place our students at the universities that best suit their talents and interests.

The ESL program offers international students a chance to hone their skills in the classroom, but the ESL experience goes far beyond the English language. Learning at Marianapolis means integrating into American culture, while exploring the cultures of other students who come from all parts of the world. Students have access to support and resources throughout the years –including orientations, peer organizations, thematic programming, and faculty advisors/residents - so that each student finds success at Marianapolis.

Beyond the Classroom
The education students receive in class is just the beginning of what they learn at Marianapolis. Students are expected to be involved in the life of the school and committed to a culture that embraces dedication, service, and growth. In the adjoining pages, you will learn more about the ways in which Marianapolis provides opportunities for students to get involved beyond academic pursuits. You may also explore the process by which Marianapolis prepares upperclassmen for college matriculation. 

Marianapolis Family Network
Every year, new international students come to Marianapolis from countries around the world, including Afghanistan, China, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mexico, Spain, Russia, and others. While the school strives to make every student’s stay a welcome one, nothing replaces the feeling of a home-cooked meal and the comforts of family.

The Marianapolis Family Network was created to help foster an enduring bond between local and international students at Marianapolis. Through the program, international students are connected to an American family, which eases homesickness and enhances their exposure to U.S. culture. The host family gains additional depth of connection to Marianapolis through the program as well: a student with whom they can share their traditions, and from whom they can learn about life in another part of the world. The bonds that form are often long-lasting; some participants end up traveling abroad to visit their international friends in their home countries.

Study at Marianapolis Preparatory School

Within a rigorous college preparatory course of study, Marianapolis Prep nurtures students to become responsible and independent learners. The classroom environment is both intimate and intensive; faculty members challenge each student to achieve his or her best on assessments, through projects, and in classroom discourse.

Our academic curriculum reflects the richness and diversity of a broad spectrum of interests. The academic philosophy at Marianapolis fosters development of critical and disciplined thinking, precise communication and scientific analysis, creative problem solving, and understanding of the social, scientific, and political background of Western and non-Western civilizations. At all grade levels, the curriculum encourages students to think creatively and to articulate ideas effectively.

ESL Curriculum

Every year, students from over a dozen countries come to Marianapolis to improve their English language skills and take college preparatory courses alongside American peers. Our goal is to educate our ESL students at every level, helping integrate them into mainstream English courses at the appropriate grade level.

High standards, small class sizes, talented faculty, and experiential learning - these components are the foundation of the Marianapolis Prep ESL program. While some students arrive at Marianapolis knowing little English, they are empowered within months to converse comfortably in classroom and social settings. Our ESL faculty are trained in foreign language instruction as well as foundational subjects such as English, Math and Science. Additionally, these members of the Marianapolis faculty commit extensive extra-curricular time to ESL students, traveling with them on annual American cultural explorations. 

Fees 2020-2021

US$ 72,467 for the 2020-2021 International Student Tuition, including tuition and room and board on campus, laudry fee, books and Medical Insurance, plus two Experiential Learning trips and L.E.A.P. Week travel and other unique items.

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