The Honors 2+2 with the Community Colleges of Spokane

Earn a 4-year degree from one of the top universities in the US for the cost of 3 years.

What is the 2 + 2? 

American Honors at CCS is a 2-year Honors College. At the conclusion of the program, students will earn an Associate’s degree with Honors and have the chance to apply for transfer to a top 4-year college or university, where they may earn their Bachelor’s degree after another two years. 4 years. 2 degrees. US$ 20,000 saved.*

*Average tuition, fees, room and board at public universities in Washington is US$ 16,000 per year, while American Honors is US$ 6,000.

Our 2+2 program (culminating in the successful transfer to, and graduation from, a four-year institution) transforms students’ lives—allowing them to actualize their academic goals, hopes, and dreams for the future.

Honors Curriculum

Designed by a national network of talented educators, our honors curriculum will prepare you for the scholastic rigor of a top 4-year institution. Our professors are experts in their fields who are excited to guide and inspire students in their pursuit of knowledge.

Within our curriculum, we focus on four elements to enhance your academic growth (inline with the objectives laid out by the National Collegiate Honors Council):


  • Critical Thinking: Evaluating and addressing different points of view to become independent thinkers
  • Analysis and Synthesis of a Broad Range of Materials: Exploring and contrasting different source materials to draw critical hypotheses
  • Hypothesis Development and Research Methods: Using frameworks from different disciplines to produce innovative conclusions
  • Effective Communication Skills: Written and oral communication, communication style, and idea presentation

Our aim is to create independent and critical thinkers who are able to demonstrate the ability to use knowledge and logic when discussing an idea—while considering the consequences of those ideas for themselves, others, and society.

Our goal is to ensure the successful transfer of as many credits as possible to a four-year college or university. Students are required to take a full time course load each semester, with the goal of completion in two years. To receive an Associate of Arts degree, students must complete 90 credit hours of coursework as stipulated by requirements laid out by CCS and American Honors.

Program Requirements

American Honors at CCS welcomes students of demonstrated motivation and ability. We look holistically at the academic, extracurricular, co-curricular, and professional accomplishments of each applicant to determine how he or she might benefit from, and contribute to, our program.


US$ 12,150 American Honors

US$   8,025 Room, Board and Living Expenses

US$ 20,175 Total fees

* a reduced fee may apply for the 2013-2014 academic year; contact StudyUnitedStates for more information on