Summer 2024 at Thornton Academy Maine


Learning first. Fun second. Friends forever.

Discover new classes and make friends for life at the Summer at Thornton Academy program. Held on Thornton Academy's beautiful campus.  Summer at Thornton Academy is designed for both day and boarding students and features classes in arts, STEM, humanities, and English Language Learning, and more! All classes are taught by experienced Thornton Academy teachers. 

Afternoon and evening activities encourage students to discover American culture, have fun, and explore topics from the morning classes. One day, we might visit an art museum. The next, we learn about lobstering as we go out in a lobster boat in Casco Bay. 

Students live in Thornton Academy’s modern dormitories in double placement. The dormitories have bathrooms, laundry, kitchen, and lounges for studying and socializing. Staying in the dorm is one of the most important and fun parts of the program. Hang out with your new friends and practice your conversational English. 

Meals are held in the Atkinson Dining Commons. Three meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are served on weekdays while two meals (brunch and dinner) are served on weekends. Occasionally, we will eat off-campus with either a bagged lunch or at a restaurant during a longer excursion. The dining staff prepares delicious, healthy food for our students and staff. They can make adjustments for any dietary concerns, just let us know before you arrive on campus!

Summer at Thornton Academy is FUN! We do two activities per day: one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. Weekends mean no classes and trips off-campus that explore the beauty of Maine. 

Afternoon activities include: Hiking, Lobster boat cruise, Soccer tournament, Visits to universities, Swimming at the beach, Amusement parks and more!

Evening activities include: Bonfire & s’mores, Basketball tournament, Art projects, Trivia night, Watching the sunset at the beach and more!

Weekend activities: Trips to Boston to visits to MIT and Harvard, Hiking in beautiful state and national parks, Taking a ferry boat to a remote ocean island , Whitewater rafting and more!

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Programme of the Summer 2024 at Thornton Academy

Please note, the 2024 summer programme is now full, keep your eyes peeled for 2025.

Listed below are classes from 2021. Finalized class offerings for 2022 will be posted by the end of January. 

American Jazz Dance - Session 1 & 2, Block 1
In this class, you will learn technique that includes kicks, leaps, jumps, turns, and everything in between! 

Artists Of Maine - Session 2, Block 1
During this two week course students will explore the state of Maine and connect to artists that have been attracted to the beauty of this state.  

Cardboard Boat Building - Session 1 & 2, Block 2
Join in on the Cardboard Boat Challenge by using skills in Science, Engineering, Art, and Math.  

Climate Change: Our Effect On The Planet, Session 1, Block 2
This course will provide an overview on how humans have impacted the rate of climate change on our planet. 

English Language Learning - Written - Block 1; Oral -Block 2
Designed for our international students, ELL-Written and -Oral  will focus on reading and writing and spoken English. 

Filmmaking 101 - Session 1, Block 1
We live in an increasingly video-centric society with clips shared across social media, and streaming services bursting with movies and television shows a ubiquitous part of the pop culture landscape

Geography Of The Earth - Session 2, Block 2
In this course students will travel the five days! We will learn about different landforms, bodies of water, and lost and changing environments. 

Intro To Acting - Session 1 & 2, Block 2
Are you looking to work on your self-confidence and stage presence? Looking to learn some basic theatrical techniques? Introduction to Acting might be the class for you! 

Marine Ecology - Session 2, Block 2
The Gulf of Maine is an exciting ecological region that is diverse and wondrous. Students will investigate ecological interactions along the intertidal zones of Maine.

Robotics: Build A 3d Car - Session 1, Block 1
During this course, students will learn how to program an Arduino micro-controller for a variety of projects. Students will also work with 3D printing and design software. 

Songwriting - Session 1 & 2, Block 2
What goes into writing a song? How do I write a good one, something that is meaningful to me? 

Visual Art Exploration - Session 1, Block 1
During this two-week course, students will explore a variety of materials to develop their expression through art. 

Dates amd fees for 2024
US$ 7,000 for the full 4-Week Program: July 27 - August 24, 2024
US$ 4,000 for session 1 (2 Weeks): July 27 - August 10, 2024
US$ 4,000 for session 2 (2 Weeks): August 11 - August 24, 2024

What's included in the fee?
Three meals on weekdays and two meals on weekends
Boarding in our modern dormitories with two students per room
Health insurance
Activity fees for two activities each day and Class materials
Local transportation and Airport transfer (select dates only)

What's not included in the fee?
Flights to / from the United States, Snacks and Souvenirs and other incidental costs