Camp Farwell for Girls, Newbury, Vermont


Camp Farwell is the first girls sleepaway summer camp in Vermont, the first girls overnight summer camp in New England and the first girls summer camp in the United States. Founded 1889.

Camp Farwell, a Vermont, New England sleepaway summer camp for girls aged 6-17, has been a special place for its campers since 1889. Situated in the Green Mountain State on Halls Lake, our magnificent 100-acre site offers a wonderful location for a seemingly endless variety of activities - from riding to water sports, from music and dance to team endeavors and individual pursuits.

If there were three ingredients that could be said to form each girl's Camp Farwell experience, they would be friendship, community spirit, and a warm family environment. For at the heart of the Camp Farwell experience is an underlying belief in the importance of personal growth, self-confidence, and an appreciation for nature's beauty.

Camp Farwell has thrived as a New England girls overnight summer camp for over 120 years and through each summer the camp has continued to draw enthusiastic campers returning for their second or fifth season, new campers who leave with a heightened sense of beauty and friendship, and a dedicated staff who love the work they do and respect the role that Camp Farwell plays in the campers' lives.

SHINE Program
An exciting and unique aspect of Farwell is our SHINE program, which focuses on empowering girls to feel confident about who they are, while developing their leadership skills. We strongly believe in the positive role that summer camps can play in girls’ lives, and the natural next step for us was formalizing our philosophy to create SHINE. Some topics we focus on include peer pressure, communicating with adults, stress & health, friendships and creativity. Your daughter will build self-esteem, self-confidence, and leadership skills that will last a lifetime.

Regarding Covid-19: While we don’t know exactly how summer 2022 will appear, we are confident that with a full year to prepare, we will be able to operate next summer. Will the State of Vermont impose a maximum attendance as they did this summer? If they do we may be forced to turn away campers who have already enrolled. We suggest that you not wait to enroll to ensure a spot this summer. If the State does limit the number of campers, we will priortize campers by the date they enrolled and refund any tuition paid.


Activities 2024

Campers choose their own activities each week and follow that schedule Monday through Friday. There are five activity periods in a typical day--three in the morning and two in the afternoon. Some activities are grouped by age, some by ability and others have a random grouping.

Camp dates: Sunday, June 30 – Friday, August 16 2024

The Camp Farwell horseback riding program offers the highest level of instruction.

 For many campers, horseback riding is just one of many activities they participate in each day. However, for campers with a keener interest in riding, they have the option to participate in more than one period of horseback riding as well as other activities offered by our equestrian center. And for those “horse-crazy” campers who are absolutely passionate about horseback riding and horses, they can elect to spend their full day up at our Equestrian Center involved in both horseback riding and other horse related activities. Farwell’s Horseback Riding Program is structured to meet the interests and needs of all its campers. Whether you want to have your first up-close and personal experiences with horses this summer, just want to take some casual lessons, or you are a barn baby through and through and want to spend your entire day at the barn, you will find everything you are looking for at Camp Farwell.

The cost for horseback riding is separate (5 times a week). If space is available campers may elect to take double horseback riding (10 times a week). 

Horseback Riding; Trail Rides; Ring Instruction; Horse Shows; Stable Skills; Vaulting
Swimming; Sailing; Canoeing; Kayaking; Windsurfing; Water Skiing; Tubing; Banana Boat
Arts & Crafts; Drama; Photography/Dark Room; Dance; Plays; Music; Video
Tennis; Archery; Fencing; Gymnastics; Team Sports Galore
Petting Zoo; Baby Calves; Goats; Bunnies; Chicks; Ducks; Kittens and more

Day Trips; Overnights; Whale's Tale; and more

Prices for 2024:
US$ 12,690 for 7 weeks Sunday, June 30 – Friday, August 16
US$   9,250 for 4 weeks June 30 – Friday, July 26
US$   6,970 for 3 weeks June 30 – Saturday, July 20 or
                       3 weeks July 28 - Friday August 16
US$   5,300 for 2 weeks June 30 – Saturday, July 13 or
                       2 weeks Sunday, July 14 – Friday, July 26 or
                       2 weeks Sunday, July 28 – Saturday, August 10

There is an additional tuition charge for international campers of US$ 350. This fee is for chaperoned transportation between Logan International Airport in Boston and Farwell, medical insurance to the limits of our policy, and linens (sheets, blankets, pillow and towels). The international tuition fee includes medical insurance to the limits of our policy and all linens (sheets, blankets, pillow, and towels).

There is an additional fee for Horseback Riding. Girls ride for one hour each day Monday-Friday.

7 Week Session – With horseback riding (5 times per week) add US$ 2,975. With double horseback riding (10 times per week) add US$ 5,950.

4 Week Session With horseback riding (5 times per week) add US$ 1,700. With double horseback riding (10 times per week) add US$ 3,400.

3 Week Session – Sunday, July 25 – Friday, August 13  With horseback riding (5 times per week) add US$ 1,275.  With double horseback riding (10 times per week)  add US$ 2,2500.

2 Week Session,  With horseback riding (5 times per week) add US$ 850. With double horseback riding (10 times per week) add US$ 1,700.

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