Zoni Language Center, New York, New York State


Zoni is a multi-site institution with campuses in Manhattan, and Miami Beach where Intensive English Programs (IEP) and other English language related courses are offered.

Zoni Language Centers takes pride in the success it has had over the past 20 years of English language education. It is the largest English language school in the metropolitan New York area; more than 2,500 students, coming from over a hundred countries worldwide, attend classes daily at Zoni campuses. We are proud to have successfully educated over one hundred thousand students. Zoni is a melting pot of people from different national, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Zoni students, faculty and staff come from virtually every nation and culture in the world, enriching the whole community with their perspectives and experiences.

Zoni Language Centers is located in some of North America’s most vibrant and interesting cities, with campuses in New York, and Miami Beach in Florida. Put into practice what you learn in the classroom as soon as you step out into one of these beautiful cities. Make friends from around the world, enjoy a variety extra-curricular activities and interact with the colorful local population. 

Elective courses such as ESL for Business, Advanced Listening & Speaking, Academic Grammar and American Culture & Film reinforce the skills developed in the core curriculum.

TOEFL iBT, IELTS and Cambridge ESOL Preparation courses are geared towards preparing students for college, graduate studies and professional careers.

Zoni offers a unique, eclectic methodology emphasizing a student-centered approach that enables students to acquire communicative proficiency quickly and effectively.

Study at Zoni
Language Centers

in New York

At Zoni, You Will Have...

  • A selection of more than 20 courses, including ESL, Business English, TOEFL, Premium Intensive English, American Culture Through Media, Survival English, and many more!
  • Some of the most affordable prices in today’s ESL market
  • English courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced
  • On-campus activities and field trips where you’ll have the chance to meet fellow students from all over the world
  • Qualified, experienced teachers, the majority of whom have lived and taught abroad
  • Small class sizes in modern educational facilities
  • Access to contemporary computer labs for additional practice (or just to check Facebook!)

With dedicated teachers, a supportive administrative staff and a student population from all over the world, Zoni offers an experience unlike anywhere else!

Manhattan, New York, USA: Programs & Courses
The general English programs (IEP and Semi-IEP) include a number of English courses at different levels of proficiency: Beginner, Intermediate, High Intermediate, Advanced and Advanced Academic. They focus on developing specific skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as integrating grammatical structures, vocabulary and pronunciation.

  1. General English Programs
  2. TOEFL Preparation – Intensive TOEFL iBT Preparation
  3. Cambridge Preparation – Cambridge ESOL Preparation
  4. IELTS Preparation
  5. ESL for Business – ESL for Business
  6. Academic Pathway Program

TUITION FEE for the Zoni Language Centre in Manhattan  (2017 prices) 
US$ 365/week Intensive (20 hr/wk) English week 1 - 11  (more weeks at a discount)  
US$ 384/week Intensive  TOEFL iBT week 1 - 11 (more weeks at a discount)

Please ask for in between prices
Costs are subject to change!

*the tuition fee DOES NOT include:
US$ 100 Registration fee
US$ 100 Accommodation placement fee

Health Insurance:
All international students are REQUIRED to purchase Student Health Insurance.

Housing (2017 prices)
US$ 591/wk Single room, self catering, standard residence 
US$ 356/wk Double room, self catering, standard residence 
US$ 405/wk Single room homestay, half board 
US$ 368/wk Double room homestay, half board  

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