James Madison University International Study Center, Harrisonburg, Virginia


James Madison University has all the advantages of a large public university in America, but the feel of a small, friendly community. The University offers an unforgettable study experience, combining the very best of American education and college life. The University represents the perfect blend of focused learning and true university spirit.

James Madison University is delighted to welcome international students and is committed to making you feel at home. You will share a close relationship with the faculty (teaching staff), and the curriculum is innovative and lively. Students have a high level of involvement in the classroom, the lab and activities around and off campus.

The Service Learning Program is nationally known for providing the opportunity to apply classroom learning to real world situations.

The University is located in Harrisonburg in the state of Virginia near the east coast. Although Harrisonburg is a small city, you can discover new activities to try just a short distance from campus.

Harrisonburg has a lively atmosphere, with attractions including museums, shopping, skiing, golfing, caverns, farmers’ markets, concerts, movie theaters and restaurants. Student life centers around the huge University campus. It is one of the most scenic campuses in the USA, offering mountain views east and west - yet is only 2 hours from Washington, DC.

The University has many clubs and organizations that offer a wide variety of activities. You can join a range of clubs to meet other students who share your interests, and improve your overall student experience.

In your first year at James Madison University, you will live in a residence hall, sharing a room with at least 1 roommate. The residence hall becomes home where you can build friendships, study with others, seek advice and have fun. All residence halls on the University campus are designed and maintained to provide a caring environment that encourages academic success, respect, personal growth and community responsibility.

Residences for International study Center (ISC) students. If you start your ISC program in the fall semester and qualify to live on campus, you’ll most likely be housed in Rockingham Hall. This residence hall is made up of extra large, triple-occupancy rooms and with private bathrooms shared by the 3 students in the room. If you join in the spring and summer semesters, you may be placed in other residences.

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Study at the James Madison 
University International 
Study Center

Preparing for your degree: If you meet the academic entry requirements of a James Madison University bachelor's degree and need to improve your English language IELTS score, we offer the

International Year program.

International Year (IY) is a fast-track pathway to second-year placement into a James Madison University bachelor's degree. It includes specialized courses in American culture, Intensive English Program (IEP) and study skills to help you adjust to US teaching methods and resources. You’ll also take courses from year 1 of your chosen degree program.

Your choice of pathway determines the necessary academic courses that you take to finish the equivalent of your freshman year (first year). 

Pathway-specific academic courses: Business; Engineering; General studies;Science, Technology and Mathematics

International Year program fees

The James Madison University degree pathway program is exceptional value because you progress directly to the second year of your degree, effectively fast-tracking your education.
US$ 23,650 2 semesters
US$ 33,150 3 semesters
US$ 40,650 4 semesters

Select a major within your preferred area of study

You can choose from a wide range of degree programs when you progress to James Madison University. During the International Year program, you will take courses with 'credits' which count towards your degree. Once you progress to the second-year of your degree program you will continue to gain credits until you are ready to graduate.

Direct entry to the University

If you meet the appropriate language requirement of IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 81 and academic requirement of a 3.0 Grade Point Average, you can apply directly to any of our academic programs at James Madison University. This is an excellent opportunity if you are from an English-speaking country or have high scores on the IELTS and TOEFL tests already. The International Study Center can also help you with your application.

Tuition fee Direct Entry US$ 23,650 

Why apply directly with us?

StudyUnitedStates EU and the International Study Center can help you throughout the process, making it faster when compared to applying through the University. On top of that, there is no application fee when you apply with us. We'll also make sure you complete all the steps of application correctly and ensure you have the correct paperwork in place.

Other cost
US$ 4,628 Comprehensive student services fee
US$    240 International student and administration fee
US$ 1,268 (12 months) JMU student insurance
US$ 9,898 On-campus accommodation and resident
                meal-plan3 (including internet)
US$    160 Airport transfer (optional)