Blyth-Templeton Academy, Washington DC


Blyth-Templeton Academy is a college-preparatory, private, non-sectarian, co-educational high school serving grades 9-12 providing highly individualized, student-centered and experiential education that is affordable to a diverse community. Academically rigorous small classes averaging 8 students are facilitated by dedicated and skilled educators and are designed to allow students to learn outside of the classroom as well as within it. Faculty and students are encourage to take full advantage of the unique resources available in Washington, DC, Blyth Academy Global High School, Blyth Academy Online and Blyth Academy International Summers program.

The school recognizes that every student learns in his or her own way. Our goal is to provide a warm and empathetic environment which allows students with a variety of learning styles to reach their academic potential through their participation in our unique four-term, experiential based, approach to curriculum delivery. We are able to meet the needs, interests and strengths of all students and engage them in learning and better preparation for graduation, post-secondary study and beyond.

Blyth-Templeton Academy is a collaboration between two visionary education groups – Blyth Academy and Templeton Learning. The Blyth Education Group was founded in 1977, and today, Blyth Academy is the leading private school by enrollment with twelve schools in Canada. Blyth Academy also offers international programs in 32 countries around the world, including Blyth Academy Global High School and Blyth Academy Online.

Keller/Templeton family members have been innovators in U.S. education for more than four decades, co- founding Keller Graduate School of Management in 1973, then building what is now DeVry Education Group, and most recently creating Templeton Learning to address student and family needs in K-12 education.

Student life

Student life at Blyth-Templeton Academy is structured to provide a well-rounded educational experience. While academic success and student growth are our top priorities, we want to ensure students also enjoy their time in this energetic and vibrant environment. From intramural sports teams and gym groups, volunteering and workships, to clubs and coffee houses, Blyth-Templeton Academy students participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities. Students are encouraged to take leadership positions in the school and create clubs and activities that appeal to them.


  • Unique personal learning spaces and student meeting area
  • Variety of local lunch options
  • Easily accessible by car and public transit

Study at Blyth-Templeton Academy

Blyth-Templeton Academy offers a wide range of courses designed to suit the needs of every student: full-time, private, summer school, and our newest option: Blyth Academy Online. Our personalized education, class sizes with fewer than eight students, and experiential learning model offer a unique alternative that is dedicated to the total education of young people.

Our school terms and daily classroom schedules are designed to maximize learning and keep students organized. These schedules also accommodate students who are pursuing extracurricular studies and involved in intensive training for athletics or other endeavors.

Students take two courses in each of four terms during the academic year with each class meeting for two hours and thirty minutes each day. This approach has proved enormously successful in helping students delve to greater depths academically and organizationally. The block period facilitates experiential education by providing the time to leave the traditional classroom and learn in real-life settings with the opportunity for project-based learning. With one-on-one support before and after class, students seldom need tutoring outside of school.

Our Guidance Counselor provides individual attention and relates to each student on a personal basis, providing ongoing advice throughout high school, not just in the 11th and 12th grades. Through empathetic engagement, hands-on experiential teaching, and ongoing customized guidance, students are prepared for any post-secondary experience. Blyth-Templeton Academy uses the Naviance Platform for managing the college application process.

Our Fees

We believe that high quality education should be available for everyone. With tuition starting below ,000 for the full academic year, Blyth-Templeton Academy is one of the most accessible private high schools. This affordability gives more high school students access to the academic excellence we offer. It also provides students with the intellectual and personal learning that Blyth-Templeton Academy offers—lessons that last a lifetime.

International Student Full-Time Tuition & Registration Fees

US$ 18,675 for 4 Terms (8 Courses) Full-Time Tuition Fee (All Grades)

US$ 15,375 for 3 Terms (8 Courses) Full-Time Tuition Fee (All Grades)

US$ 10,525 for 2 Terms (8 Courses) Full-Time Tuition Fee (All Grades)

US$   5,350 for 1 Term (8 Courses) Full-Time Tuition Fee (All Grades)

US$     100 annual registration fee