St Bernard's Catholic School (Eureka, California)


The St. Bernard’s Catholic School community welcomes people of all nationalities, interests and ages to be educated, enriched and stimulated by the School’s resources and facilities. Founded on the north coast of California in 1912, St. Bernard’s Catholic School provides a safe, Christ-centered, Catholic environment to a diverse population of pre-Kindergarten through 12th-grade students – in which they may develop their minds with an excellent college preparatory education; their leadership through various activities and sports, and their moral Christian characters, which include compassion, confidence and integrity.

Our Eureka location, in the center of Humboldt County, California, provides extraordinary opportunities for first hand learning both inside and outside the classroom. In addition to plentiful sports and arts opportunities, our environmental resources provide additional challenges for our students and include marine and environmental sciences within our environmentally rich location.

Eureka, our home town,  is located on California’s north coast and is 275 miles north of San Francisco. Eureka has been named one of the best places to live in the United States by several magazines and our area has been named one of the most beautiful and scenic areas in the world.  The advantage of studying in Eureka is the student’s ability to focus on academics without distractions but still having the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Study at St. Bernard’s Catholic School
In essence, we offer an education that prepares each St. Bernard’s student to succeed in an ever-changing world, to not only exceed present day expectations, but those of tomorrow, and at the same time by learning to serve others through it’s Catholic faith and devotion. If your child or another child you may know would like to get a head start in life by benefiting from learning in an environment of moral courage and spiritual growth where educational excellence is rewarded, we encourage you to inquire more about St. Bernard’s.

Students at St. Bernard’s School undertake a strong college preparatory curriculum which combines traditional college preparatory subjects with special learning experiences. At St. Bernard’s, all classes are kept intimate and our faculty is always available to help students during and after class. Active participation in learning opportunities and a fully integrated curriculum make the education at St. Bernard’s a hands-on experience. Our exceptional academic preparation includes field trips, project periods with real-life learning experiences and opportunities for personal growth help build our students lifelong success.

Our strong academic curriculum includes all courses necessary to fulfill the admission requirements of the University of California and the California State University systems. Most importantly, SBCS students graduate with the knowledge and ability to fully contribute as informed citizens of our society, with an understanding of community service and recognition of the importance of lifelong learning.

The St. Bernard’s Art Department is committed to providing students with instruction in the arts and hands-on visual literacy skills in various forms of media. The art department currently consists of high school classes in Ceramics, Art Foundations, Graphic Design, and Yearbook.

US$ 25,560 per year exluding homestay. 

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