Hamden Hall Country Day School, Hamden, Connecticut


Thank you for your interest in Hamden Hall Country Day School. We are proud to provide students with a wonderful educational experience, and we have been doing so since 1912! We offer an education to PreSchoolers through Grade 12. The admissions process for our youngest applicants is geared towards measuring developmental readiness, while the admissions process in the Middle and Upper School evaluates an applicant’s commitment to a high standard of intellectual and personal growth.

Our mission of helping students develop a strong sense of personal integrity and social responsibility while offering challenging academics holds true. A school community the size of Hamden Hall’s is ideal in so many ways. It is large enough to offer a wide variety of academics and extracurricular activities, but small enough to allow and encourage students to participate and experience new things, while discovering their passions.

Our school community – students, parents, alumni, and faculty – offer the best perspective as to the benefits of a Hamden Hall education and the special spirit that pervades our campus. What better way to highlight our school and its diverse offerings than by the personal stories and sentiments of those who have embraced Hamden Hall.

The goals of the Hamden Hall County Day School Diversity Committee are to work with the entire school community to develop and implement programs to build connections between all types of people, reduce stereotypes and prejudices on campus, and increase cultural, religious, racial, and ethnic awareness in a safe environment. Annually, the committee establishes an overall theme for the programs and events. 

Monthly, there are culinary celebrations in the cafeteria relating to holidays and customs while weekly Multicultural Monday announcements posted on the website, provide awareness for the week about issues such as Irish and Black History Month, National Honesty Day, and Holidays.

The International students at Hamden Hall are invited to participate in “Friends Without Borders” a buddy program to help make new friends. Upper School committee members work with the Lower School faculty and students to use a storybook to educate about differences and friendship. Students also have the opportunity to participate in leadership and diversity conferences throughout the year.

Study at Hamden Hall Country Day School

In our Upper School, rigorous academics are sought after, and we’ve answered the call to excellence by providing Honors-level courses in all disciplines, 18 Advanced Placement courses, and several courses beyond the AP curriculum. We are proud of our personalized college counseling program that annually yields 100 percent college acceptance with the majority of graduates attending the most competitive colleges and universities in the world. Our prestigious Princeton Peer Leadership program fosters mentoring opportunities and our exclusive Science, Innovation & Design Program cultivates inquiry, inspiration, and independent learning.

Art - Theater in the Upper School

There are three major productions each year for students in grades 9-12: a play in the fall, a musical in the winter, and in the spring we alternate each year between a student directed One-Act Play Festival and a variety show called Cabaret. These productions are extra-curricular and all students are invited to audition. The rehearsals are on Monday and Tuesday evenings, Thursday afternoon, and Saturday. A professional technical director is on staff supervising all set construction, lighting, etc. as relates to productions. He supervises crew sessions two nights a week during which students are taught to safely handle power tools, painting and construction techniques, and lighting.


Hamden Hall subscribes to the philosophy of a ‘sound mind in a sound body’ for each student. We believe that athletics is an integral part of the educational process, combining with classroom instruction, student government, the arts, and other extra-curricular activities to provide students with the best opportunity for personal growth and success. We strive to develop the unique potential of each student-athlete: physical, mental, social, and ethical qualities to perform as an individual or part of a team dedicated to a common goal and purpose. We are dedicated to helping student-athletes develop a positive self-image as well as a sense of confidence, independence, and leadership.

To facilitate these ends, all seventh through twelfth grade students participate in team sports with selected non-competitive offerings also available. Independent electives are available for special individualized athletic programs unavailable at Hamden Hall. Exemptions are also available for intense commitment to one of the school’s programs such as fine arts productions and senior yearbook editors, and for documented medical reasons. Application for independents and exemptions are reviewed by a body of school administrators.

Tuition 2015-2016

US$ 31,100 Grades 7-8

US$ 36,340 Grades 9-12

US$   2,850 International Student Fee on top of the tuition fee

*Tuition does not include: New Student Fee, Transportation, Textbooks for grades 7 - 12