Wentworth Military Academy & College, Lexington, Missouri


We are a private co-educational boarding military high school and two-year college. For 9th-12th graders, Wentworth provides an exemplary college-prep education, which builds self-discipline and self-confidence. In our college, small class sizes and personal interaction with faculty allows our traditional and military students to achieve success in academics and in life. Wentworth is one of only five schools in the country to offer a commission as a second lieutenant in the United States Army after just two years of college.

Established in 1880, Wentworth provides a high quality education to our young men and women. The military environment allows our cadets to learn and practice the basics of leadership each and every day, developing important skills they carry with them the rest of their lives. All of Wentworth’s students participate in athletics. A clear set of rules means our cadets are free to focus on achievement without the distractions so common in most schools today. Wentworth produces mature young men and women who are self-motivated, well-educated, highly principled, self-confident, respectful of others, and loyal to family, friends, and country.

The mission of Wentworth Military Academy and Junior College is to provide the environment and resources necessary for its students to develop their potential in academics, leadership, physical well-being, moral character, and self-discipline so they become productive citizens in a diverse, global society.

While most Academy students do not go on to military careers, our military structure builds confidence, pride and skills that go beyond academic subjects. All students are given the opportunity to develop leadership skills by moving up in a ranking system based on the one used by the U. S. military. A cadet’s rank is based on age, maturity, time at the school, leadership, academics, deportment, and evaluations from senior cadets. 

Because Wentworth believes in educating the body and spirit as well as the mind, physical education and athletics are mandatory. Sports play a big role in campus life, with nearly everyone coming to home games to cheer their classmates to victory.

Wentworth’s structured environment helps our cadets improve their critical thinking, communication, and social skills, all keys to future success. For advanced students, Wentworth offers the opportunity for juniors and seniors to take courses in the college program as long as they have completed their high school graduation requirements in a particular discipline.

A Solid Education at Wentworth Military Academy and Junior College

Wentworth’s class sizes are small, ranging from 8 to 12 students per class with an average student teacher ratio of 10:1. All of our teachers know all of our students and at Wentworth there is no “back of the room”. Students must sit up in ways they never have before. As a military school, we bring the same structured approach to study disciplines and academics that we do to all aspects of cadet life. Students have 7 classes per day and for those who need extra help with homework, we have a 2-hour faculty supervised study period for them.

Wentworth’s curriculum ensures that each graduate will be prepared for college and beyond in whichever field of study he or she chooses. We emphasize the foundational reading, writing, and math skills required for academic success both at high school, college, and beyond. Wentworth reinforces these core skills in each discipline taught in the school, whether it be literature, history, languages, advanced math or science.

With both a high school and college on the same campus, we are able to provide an exemplary college preparatory program and dual enrollment to our high school cadets. Through dual enrollment we offer a program that makes it possible for our students to graduate from high school with a full year or more of college credit.

The advantage of a full board environment gives our teachers and instructors the ability to make developing good study habits a 24/7 task. Through a set of incentives and supervision, our cadets show marked improvement in their abilities to improve their academic standing.

Cadets who perform well during the regular school week enjoy the following rewards:

  • Additional free time
  • Recognition every 4-week grading period at an awards ceremony before the entire corps
  • The opportunity to become a member of the Wentworth Honor Society
  • The opportunity to join the National Honor Society
  • The opportunity to receive numerous Wentworth awards at the end of year ceremonies

Each night there is a 2-hour mandatory, supervised study time for each cadet. Additional study time is assigned to those cadets not performing up to task. With college cadets, classmates and faculty members in the barracks, help is always nearby . There is also a Saturday school for cadets who need even further instruction. Through these programs, we teach our students the valuable study habits that make our cadets college ready.