Wasatch Academy, Mt. Pleasant, Utah


The Four Cornerstones of a Wasatch Academy education equip our graduates with the tools to become innovators and leaders in the 21st century. For starters, our Schools Attuned program ensures Wasatch Academy teachers closely observe how your child learns and then adjust their lessons and methods accordingly. All teachers are trained in the program's philosophies and strategies to help each student reach their highest potential.

Next, our exceptional outdoor program builds character, leadership skills, and feeds our students' sense of adventure. At Wasatch Academy, your student’s outdoor experience matches the richness of their classroom work and provides a unique college preparatory education. Wasatch Academy’s co-ed global campus hosts students from more than 30 countries and 25 states. What better way to prepare for a "flat world" than to learn alongside such a diverse array of students and perspectives, languages and cultures. 

And finally, our tight-knit community encourages every student to have a unique voice and develop at their own pace, surrounded by classmates and adults who care about them as individuals. 
What happens when you combine these four cornerstones? Simply put, Wasatch Academy has, since 1875, provided a nurturing boarding school community that empowers young men and women to find their own way.

Today, the school educates more than 300 students representing more than 30 countries and 25 American states. Wasatch Academy's ability to provide outstanding educational opportunities to a richly diverse student body is the school's greatest asset, stemming from the belief that a diversely represented school community promotes greater creativity, health, and educational value for every student attending Wasatch Academy.

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Study at Wasatch Academy

The Wasatch Academy curriculum nurtures the leadership and innovation traits demanded by employers by immersing students in a 21st-century education. Our individualized learning helps every one of our students become globally-prepared thinkers who pursue larger solutions for a diverse world. Our technologically-advanced campus allows teachers to incorporate the use of laptops and tablets into their lessons and to leverage online innovations for the students' benefit.

Teachers at Wasatch Academy embrace the principles of project-based learning and provide ample opportunity for students to take charge of their education. Instead of a "sage on the stage," our students learn in a hands-on, team-oriented environment. Along with academic success, students become important members of their community through required service projects. Every week, students have the opportunity to clean-up public spaces, work with local youth as mentors, assist with social service programs for the needy and more.

Wasatch Academy requires 24 academic credits for graduation, including the following specific distributions:
•    4 credits in English
•    3 credits in Math (including Algebra I & II and Geometry)
•    3 credits in the sciences (including Biology)
•    3 credits in history/social science (including U.S History)
•    2 credits in a single foreign language (3 for honors)
•    2 credits in fine arts

Extra Curricular Activities
Additionally, your student finds time to explore any number of endeavors that build his strength, confidence, and sense of responsibility. Our extracurriculars include fencing, rock climbing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, skiing, debate, international class, skateboarding, BMX biking, hiking, ultimate Frisbee, kayaking, canoeing, whitewater rafting, strength training, student government, horseback riding, aikido, swimming/lifesaving, literary magazine, Student Ambassadors, and Prefects.

TUITION FEE (2024 - 2025 price)*
US$ 74,000 full year international boarding tuition fee

*the tuition fee includes:
•    tuition fee for the entire program
•    boarding for the entire period

*the tuition fee DOES NOT include:
•    visa fee and residence permit fee

Health Insurance:
All international students are REQUIRED to purchase Student Health Insurance.

Tuition Refund Plan
Wasatch Academy requires full payment of tuition and fees for the entire academic year, regardless of whether a student withdraws during the year.
However, to alleviate in part the financial difficulties caused when a student withdraws before the academic year has been completed, Wasatch Academy has a Tuition Refund Plan available. Parents must sign up and pay for the Tuition Refund Plan at the time of enrollment. Parents who elect not to participate in the Tuition Refund Plan will not receive any refund upon early withdrawal or dismissal of their student.