Study options at LeTourneau University, Texas

Majors at LeTourneau University

School of Aeronautical Science 

Department of Applied Aviation Sciences 

  • Air Traffic Control, A.A. 
  • Air Traffic Management, B.S. 
  • Air Traffic Management, B.S. (Professional Flight) Aircraft Systems, B.S. 
  • Department of Flight Science 
  • Aeronautical Science, B.S. Professional Flight, B.S. 

School of Arts and Sciences 

Department of Biblical Studies and Christian Ministries 

  • Biblical Studies, B.A. 
  • Christian Ministries, B.A. 

Department of Biology 

  • Biology, B.S. 
  • Health Sciences, B.S. , Nursing 
  • Health Sciences, B.A., Nursing 

Department of Chemistry and Physics 

  • Chemistry, B.S. 
  • Engineering Physics, B.S. 
  • Physical Sciences, B.S. 
  • Science Composite, B.S. ]

Department of Computer Science 

  • Computer Information Systems, B.S. 
  • Computer Science and Engineering Tech., B.S. 
  • Computer Science and Engineering, B.S. 
  • Computer Science and Mathematics, B.S. 
  • Computer Science, B.S. 

Department of English 

  • Digital Writing, B.A. 
  • English Language and Literature, B.A. 
  • English Language Program (for International Students) – ESOL 
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages – TESL 
  • English/Literature Arts, B.A. 

Department of History and Political Science 

  • History, B.A. 
  • History-Political Science, B.A. 
  • Social Studies, B.A. 

Department of Mathematics 

  • Mathematics, B.S. 
  • Mathematics Education, B.S. 

School of Business 


  • Accounting, B.S. 

Business Administration 

  • Business Administration, B.A. 
  • Business Administration, B.S. 


  • Finance, B.S. 
  • International Business, B.S. 
  • Management, B.S.
  • Marketing, B.S.

School of Education 

Department of Kinesiology 

  • Kinesiology, B.S. 

Department of Psychology 

  • Child Development, 
  • B.S. Psychology, 
  • B.A. Psychology, B.S. 

Department of Teacher Education 

  • Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies 
  • Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A. 
  • Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S. 

School of Engineering and Engineering Technology 

Department of Engineering 

  • Engineering, B.S. 
  • Biomedical 
  • Civil 
  • Computer 
  • Electrical 
  • Mechanical 
  • Materials Joining 

Department of Engineering Technology 

  • Applied Technology, B.S. (Electrical; Mechanical; Materials Joining; Aeronautical – Electrical; Aeronautical – Mechanical) 
  • Design Technology, A.S. 
  • Engineering Technology, B.S 

School of Graduate and Professional Studies 

  • Business (Aviation Studies, BSA; Business Administration, BBA; Business Administration in Aviation Management, BAV; Business Management, BBM; Business Management in Aviation Management, BMA Business Management in Nonprofit Management, BNP Health Care Management, AHM; Health Care Management, BHC; Health Care Management, BSH) 
  • Education (Counseling, COUN; Criminal Justice, AS; Criminal Justice, BS Criminal Justice, BCJ Human Services, BHS; Interdisciplinary Studies, AS; Interdisciplinary Studies, BA Interdisciplinary Studies, BS) 

Academic Degrees – Graduate 

  • Science in Engineering, MSE 
  • Engineering, ME 
  • Marriage and Family Therapy, MA 
  • Business Administration, MBA